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    January 2006


    Happy New Year!

    We have new workshops and book-signing dates. Our online store is open. And we're excited about wonderful potential Zentangle applications.


    Many thanks,
    Rick and Maria

    Workshop Schedule
    Workshops and Book Signings with Rick and Maria

    We have three appearances scheduled in Southern New England in January and February.

    January 26, Thursday, Whitinsville, MA
    Blackstone Bookstores
    98 Church Street in Whitinsville, MA, 7:30 pm
    Give storeowner Matt a call at 508-234- 1988 if you're planning to attend. $3 charge for materials. Coffee and light refreshments available for purchase.

    February 9, Thursday, Boston, MA
    Trident Booksellers and Cafe
    338 Newbury Street, Boston, MA, 7:30 pm
    Workshop and booksigning at Back Bay's last independent bookstore. Email us if you're planning to attend. $3 charge for materials. Full menu with beer and wine available for purchase.

    February 20, Sunday, Providence, RI
    Gracie's Restaurant
    194 Washington Street, Providence, RI, 7:30 pm
    Enjoy a Zentangle workshop with Rick and Maria in one of Providence's finest restaurants. Please email us if you are planning to attend. $3 charge for materials. Complimentary hors d' oeuvres and cash bar.

    Zentangle Store is Online
    Order Online with Credit Cards or PayPal

    Our online store is up and running. Navigating and purchasing are both easy. It's still new, so give us any comments you have a you explore.

    We have a sweet line of custom made metal and glass frames to display your Zentangles. Click on the photo on your right to see more.

    New Zentangle Applications
    Wonderful New Possibilities

    We came across an article written by a doctor in Bogata, Columbia describing how he used pattern drawing to help his 10 year old son relieve his facial tics.

    Here's the relevant excerpt as translated from his Spanish language website (which is not always up):

    "That night, after seeing the attractor vortex in the water, I was worried when I saw too many tics in the face of my son. I suggested he make scrabbles and lines on a paper. I said to him: "try to feel the energy that is inducing you to make grimaces with your facial muscles." He drew spirals at the same rhythm that he was moving his lips, his eyebrows, and his nose. He passed those energetic forces from his face to his hand by drawing, until he became conscious of the field that was disturbing him. My conclusion is that his tics were like an attractor, a spiral, a pulsating vortex for his muscles; they were like a probability wave that made him execute a Fixed Action Patterns-- FAP; those tics disappeared when his hands and his gymnastics absorbed the energetic "spiral" that before were expressed as tics (unconscious Gymnastics). To draw lines and scrabbles on the paper was another pulsating spiral that absorbed the force of his hand."

    What a wonderful new area of application this opens up for Zentangle. We are looking for qualified folks to do some clinical studies on how Zentangle's method can assist in this field. So, if you know anyone, send us an email.

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