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Brrr! Right now it's 15 degrees outside, but it feels like zero (!) according to www.weather.com. 
Read on for my toasty Enchanted Home prescription for shiver-y days like today...
"Winter Pleasures" Recipe
Tub with FlowersHere's my own personal Enchanted Home recipe for a cold winter night like this -- guess what I'll be doing tonight?!
1. Good old-fashioned Epsom Salts (2 cups) dissolved in warm bath water. There's nothing like this stuff! It's just magic for instantly neutralizing the icky energy stuck in your body from a stressful day.

2. Any of books 1 through 7 of The Ladies #1 Detective Agency Series, by Alexander McCall Smith (these books just make me feel so happy and peaceful)

3. Lavender-Patchouli Bath Salts from the wonderful Moonlight Botanicals in downtown Frenchtown, NJ

4. A tall glass of sweet ruby grapefruit juice mixed with sparkling water (lo-cal, no-fat refreshment)

5. A miniature lamp in the corner with a yellow lampshade -- to give the bathroom that all-important golden glow so important for proper relaxation. Add a candle or two for extra luminescence.

And, for the crowning touch...
A heated mattress pad pre-warming the bed! (Just be sure to unplug from the outlet before getting into bed so as not to have any interference with your body's electromagnetic field while you sleep.)
With this recipe, you might even forget it's winter! Or, better yet -- you might just fall in love with the season.
Click here to shop for the above items from the comfort of your own home. Who wants to go out when it's this cold?
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Enjoy the warm insides of your enchanted home!
Take care,
2 Pillows
Claire O'Connor
Enchanted Home