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    Deeper Than Design
    Helping You Create Inspiring Environments
    Vol. 3, Issue 1

    Photo of Claire Greetings!

    In this issue, we'll focus on the ripe opportunities for doing personal environment work during this rich, inward season.

    The winds of Winter are keeping us tucked indoors, yet Spring is just around the corner -- I know this because the seed and gardening catalogs are arriving in my mailbox.

    Let's use this time to do some advance prep for that inevitable wave of Spring Cleaning energy.

    Winter blessings to you!

    Claire's Signature

    Holding a Candle Winter Clearings
    Go inside to release what is no longer serving you

    Flurries are falling outside as I write this. My darling lab Roxy is nestled on the sofa next to me as I work on my laptop. A candle is flickering on the coffee table next a steaming mug of Lady Grey tea (like Earl Grey, but better. My new fave; try it out, it's made by Twinings. Look for the blue box). Weather.com reports it's 29 degrees, 17 with the wind chill. It seems I've got the perfect excuse for staying in today. How about you?

    This season is perfect for doing personal environmental work. Let's look at the pockets of stagnant clutter -- the very embodiment of sticky, stagnant, heavy energy -- and see what inspiration we can find to release what is no longer serving us.

    Look at your belongings as "charging you rent". Emotional rent. Psychological rent. And physical rent, too. After all, it costs a fair bit to house these items - - mortgage, utilities, insurance -- really!

    So, if there is a cost to you to hold on to these items, what are they providing you in return? Are they earning their keep?

    Or is it just the opposite? Too often, a sense of obligation or a misplaced sense of stewardship keep us glued to things that weigh us down.

    Holding onto these objects can create a cumulative effect of a heavy environment, dragging our spirits down and holding us back from our potential. Stagnant clutter can exert a powerful pull on our psyches. Make way for the blessings that can flow in by using the following technique to chip away at those "energy-expensive" pockets of blah.

    Terrific Tea-Time Technique

    When I boil water for my tea, it takes about 3 or 4 minutes, then an additional 4 to 5 minutes to steep the tea. So every time I make myself a cup of tea, I go over to my filing cabinet and pull out a few folders and walk them over to the kitchen counter. While my tea is steeping, I quickly go through the folders to see what I can let go of. Now, mind you, I am not doing any organizing, just culling and editing -- I keep this as a discrete step separate from the organizing.

    I've been doing this for the last couple of weeks and I am happy to report that I am completely done with 3 entire drawers, with only one left to go! All in 7 to 9-minute increments. "That was Easy!"

    This techniques works for lots of projects besides overstuffed filing cabinets -- like junk drawers, linen closets, "to-file" piles -- you get the idea. Give it a go! And let me know how the Tea-Time Technique works for you!

    Report your results to Claire...

    Love Your Home

    ?Women everywhere are beginning to see their environments as allies in their own personal growth and healing journeys. This is as it should be.?


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