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    Design Discovery Club Now Forming!

    Location: Downtown Flemington, NJ

    Date: February TBA
    This group is for you if you feel like your home just does not feel warm, welcoming and inviting and you haven't the foggiest notion of where to begin.

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    Your Enchanted Home
    Helping You Create Inspiring Environments
    January 2006

    Photo of Claire Greetings!

    Are you bogged down by too much stuff? In this issue, you'll get 3 quick tips for de-cluttering in the New Year.

    Letting go of items that no longer serve you can be extremely therapeutic and liberating. You'll be amazed at how much lighter you'll feel.

    More importantly, you can also feel more free to move forward on projects that have been idling on the back burner.

    Here's to a lighter New Year!

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    Storage Bench Clear Your Space!
    3 Quick De-Cluttering Tips

    "It's not the tragedies that kill us," observed Dorothy Parker, "it's the messes."

    If you don't feel grounded in your environment but don't know why, get curious and explore the role that order - or the lack of it - plays in your day-to-day life. Who can think clearly when surrounded by clutter, chaos and confusion? Begin to think of order not as a "should", but as a wonderful foundation for the life you are creating.

    1. Traditional Feng Shui wisdom states that moving 27 things can activate enough energy to potentially change your life.
      Why not use this wisdom to free yourself of 27 unused items? That's right. Get up right now, get a garbage bag, and go room to room with the aim of simply letting go of 27 items that are no longer serving you.
    2. When de-cluttering your clothes closet, pull out all the clothes you are keeping for nostalgia's sake and store them elsewhere. Consider an airtight storage bin in the basement dedicated (and labeled) for that purpose.
    3. Make it a game. Go to your kitchen. Set your oven timer for 5 minutes. Pick one drawer. Empty the drawer on the counter. Challenge yourself to let go of whatever you haven't used in two years. Do this three times this week.

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    Love Your Home Design from the Inside Out
    "Design Discovery" Club

    Design that really works for you is an expression of your deepest essence.

    Learn how to create your own "Enchanted Home". Access the wisdom and creativity inside yourself and find your own style to create beautiful spaces that support you and what you're up to in life.

    Enjoy a fun & enlightening workshop incorporating powerful experiential exercises, insightful analysis, design psychology, self-discovery, holistic personality and lifestyle inquiry and ongoing support.

    New group now forming in Flemington.

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