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The New Manchester mill was built by the enslaved more than 150 years ago.  It is significant for us to celebrate these talented ancestors.  Despite being burned down in 1864, remnants still remain, signifying the great workmanship of our ancestors.  Not only did they build this mill, they also manufactured the bricks. 

Sweetwater Creek State Park has over 9 miles of hiking trails and is located only a short distance from downtown Atlanta. The Sweetwater Creek Conservation Park was created to preserve the unique natural and cultural history of the area, which includes the ruins of the New Manchester Manufacturing Company. The old textile mill sits along Sweetwater Creek and is visible on the red and blue loop trails. General Sherman burned it to the ground in July 1864 since it once made clothing for the Confederate troops during the Civil War (or "War Between the States," as it is sometimes referred to in the South). Along the creek, which more closely resembles a river, there are numerous viewpoints, including one at Sweetwater Falls located at the junction of the Red, Blue and White Trails, on which we hiked.


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