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A joint publication for Hartfield's Hikers, OPALs & Family LegacyNovember 2010

Carolyn Hartfield

Lifestyle Coach & Publisher 


I am so excited about life!  Thank you for being a part of the community.  You are getting this newsletter because of your affiliation with me through one of the following:
This is the beginning of our transition to bigger and better things so that we can better serve you.  So you will better understand my thinking...because each segment is a part of the Mind, Body and Spirit experience of Health and Wellness, I thought it made more sense  to bring them all together in the Lifestyle Management Community Network.. 

As a result, I have combined the newsletters. If this is your first time being introduced  to the other entities, please take a few minutes and read their entries below, and also feel free to visit each website, keeping in mind that they too are being upgraded. 

So please sit back and enjoy it, and let us know what you think by sending us your comments and/or suggestions.  And, if you like what you see, forward it to others to help get the word out about what we are doing.   Thanks!

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Hartfield's Hikers 

Tallulah Gorge
Tallulah Gorge

      November Hike

   Talullah Gorge

       Saturday, November 6

  8:00a.m. Departure

Meeting Place

5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd.

Norcross, GA 30019-1519

(In the Hong King Market Parking Lot)

Get Directions


Tallulah Gorge has 10 spectacular scenic overlooks of which we will visit as we trek both the north and south rims of the gorge.  Each has their own allure. You are guaranteed to be enthralled with each of the various views from the overlooks. 


We will take the 522 stairs down to the floor of the gorge, and yes, we have to climb the stairs back up...that's a total of 1044 steps. While it is strenuous, there are plenty of landings, some with benches, on which you can rest. We will also walk the suspension bridge that crosses the Tallulah River.  


Also, included in our hike is where tightrope walker Karl Wallenda walked across the 750 foot deep gorge in 1970 and did two, yes 2 headstands while unbelievably amazing feat! There are remnants of the equipment that held the cable on which he walked for you to see.


As always, wear sturdy shoes or hiking boots, (first-timers--no new shoes, please!) and of course comfortable, layered clothing.  Bring plenty of water, snacks and your lunch.  Please eat a hardy breakfast to help sustain your strength.


Remember... we car pool and each rider is asked to donate at least $5 toward gas and parking.  This is a state Park so you can go to your county library, show your library card and check out a free parking pass.

Please RSVP so we know how many to expect.  Thanks!

                    TG - Crossing the Suspension Bridge



 Male HikerHiking Tips 
Hiking is truly an activity for all ages and physical abilities.  Most of the trails we hike are between 2.5 and 7 miles with ratings of easy to difficult. 

Easy - A flat trail with very little elevation change will be designated easy even if it is 2 miles or seven miles long.

Moderate - A trail with a few moderately steep grades for a moderately steep grade for for an extended distance.

Difficult -  A longer trail that is very uneven and footing is more difficult because of boulders or other obstacles.


Georgia's temperate weather allows us to hike twelve months out of the year, yes, every month!  Each season exhibits its own special charm on the  trails, thus we repeat some of the trails annually. 

Clothing: Comfortable, layered clothes is a must. The first, inner layer should be light and made of material that will wick away moisture from your skin.  The next layer should be a warmer porous layer that can be easily removed, when necessary;  the top layer or outer layer should be wind and/or rain proof. This format of clothing permits you to regulate your body temperature as the weather and exertion dictates.

Footwear: Your shoes/boots need to be comfortable, sturdy and supportive.  Never, wear go on a hike in new shoes!  The best advice I can you, if you plan  to be a regular hiker, is to visit our partner, REI and try on several styles and learn about the differences from their very informed staff.

Trail Markers:  All of the trails we hike are marked in some fashion, usually with a colored paint mark known as a  blaze, on a tree.  Usually, you will see a blaze within a quarter mile of each other.  Within the same state park, where there are several trails, each trail is marked with a different color to distinguish them. 

Trail Ratings:  The degrees of difficulty is based on the grade or incline of the trail and the type of terrain. In addition  to the ratings below, trails my be rated Easy to Moderate or Moderate to Difficult.  But, keep in mind that a person in  excellent physical condition may call one of our difficult ratings moderate while someone  in not as good condition may think one of our moderate ratings is difficult.
Food and Water:  Your body will expend lots of energy, snacking throughout the hike is a good way to keep your energy and strength. If you wait until you feel thirsty or hungry, your body is already in the state of need. Water -  It is recommended that you have at least 2 quarts or liters of water with you and drink 1/2 cup or at least 4 ounces every 30 to 45 minutes, even  if you don't feel thirsty.  When hiking you are losing moisture and need to replenish it to avoid dehydration!  Food - It is recommended that you make an effort to eat healthy food.  Examples include banana, dried apple, apricots, nuts, raisins, granola, crackers, peanut butter and tuna (not canned).  Pack your food/snacks in zip lock bags.

Trail Etiquette:  Following are tips that make  it easier to share the trial  with others.
- Stay on the trail
- Stay on the right on wider paths
- Pass on the left
- Uphill hikers should be given the right of way
- Groups should yield to single, pairs and smaller groups
- If not in singe file, take up no more than half of the trail width
- Enjoy other hikers without bring too loud
- Pack it in - Pack it out...which leads us to the next tip...

Leave No Trace: We make every  effort to minimize our impact.  No one should be able to tell that we passed through!  Our challenge is to minimize the amount  of impact and damage we do when enjoying the great outdoors.  Leave No Trace principles involve a changing of personal commitment.  When we develop a personal connection to the land and realize the value of the plants and animals, we create a reason to care about and for the land.  We should see ourselves as part of with God...we will then embrace the need to care for and preserve His great creations.  The only things we take are photos and memories! 

Older People with Active Lifestyles 

 OPALs LogoOPALs are Real Gems
A network of people aged 50 and older who are young at heart, enjoying an active healthy lifestyle, are fit, friendly and having fun participating in recreational, athletic and social events with peers, in addition to community service and teachable intergenerational projects.

Did you know...

It's a fact that 30% of how we age is determined by genetics and the remaining 70% is determined by the lifestyle choices we make...including physical activity.

More than 35 chronic diseases are directly impacted by only 30 minutes of physical activity a day resulting in increased mobility and can also save your life.


Friendly Competition...

Many of us aspire to compete in our respective State Senior Games, the National Senior Games, the World Senior Games and various local and regional tournaments.   The competitions are usually segmented by age brackets, i.e., 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, etc..

However, a vast majority simply participate for the health and fun of it!

Family Legacy 

 FamilyPreserving Family History
Did you know November is 'Life-Writing' month?  Now is the perfect time to start your memoir.  Create an historical legacy for your family's future generations.

Write in your own words, your living history, for your descendants...stories, remembrances and events.  Save future generations from searching genealogy records, you are living the history of future generations.  Give them your view of historical events such as the events surrounding the election and office of the first African  American president in the United States of America. Let them know how technology affected your life, about your choice of job or career, what family life was like including family traditions and how they evolved...tell them in your own words. 

Think you are not a writer, or not sure where to start, check out the Memoir Guidebook and Journal for help.
 Health and Wellness Health & Wellness Network
There is a Wellness Revolution going on!
This is a network of men and women from all walks of life who are serious about creating a healthier and wealthier lifestyle for themselves and their families. 

It is a community where we are committed to living a long and healthy life by learning how to improve our current state of health and well-being.  Additionally, we are very caring in our efforts to help each other reach their goals. 

If this sounds like a group in which you would be interested, come and check us out to see if  it is for you.   You are encouraged to join this special group of people if you are interested in learning how to better manage your life for long-lasting health and wealth for you and your family.  Plan to join us on Saturday morning, November 20th from 9:30a to 10:30a or on Tuesday,  December 7th from 6p - 8p. 
You must RSVP to attend.  When you RSVP, you will receive the location information.
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Member Highlight
Greg McCoy
Gregory McCoy

Gregory is one of our newer hikers who stepped up his involvement immediately.  In addition to helping at the recent camp out he has introduced us to a youth group at Greater Deliverance Baptist

Church where Rev. James Dixon is pastor. Gregory is spearheading an outreach to inner-city youth to get them exposed to hiking and other outdoor activities. 

Book of the Month
Legacy on the Land Book Cover
Legacy on the Land

Co-author Audrey Peterman, along with her husband Frank are great advocates for the National Park Service.  Their book introduces us to our National Inheritance and about a lot of the rich black history in the national parks.  It is a must read.  Get more information.

Save the Dates 

REI Outdoor Classes
Saturday, October 28
Map & Compass Fundamentals
Atlanta, GA
Saturday, October 30
Intro to GPS Navigation
Atlanta, GA

Tuesday, November 2
Get Out To Vote
Monthly Hike
Saturday, November 6
Tallulah Gorge, GA
8:00a Departure

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Annual Observance
November 8 - 14

Pursuit of Happiness Week


Health & Wellness
Saturday, November 20
Atlanta, GA

Tuesday, December 7
Atlanta, GA

Health and Wellness

Happy Thanksgiving
Thursday, November 25

Count your blessings and
be a blessing to others!

Happy Thanksgiving
MLK Service Weekend
January 14 - 15, 2011

Cumberland Island

National Seashore, GA


Georgia Conservancy Logo

5k Walk/Run

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweet Auburn Avenue

Atlanta, GA


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