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Did you know November is 'Life-Writing' month?  Now is the perfect time to start your memoir.  Create an historical legacy for your family's future generations.

Let your descendants hear from you what life was really like at the turn of the century. Tell them about the types of jobs you held, your social activities, about the life lessons you learned and the impact they had on you. Tell them how technology and the events of 9/11 effected you.  

The significance of the written word is that

it can be held close to the heart and read over and over again.    

                                                                               Florence Littauer



Our Memoir Guidebook & Journal is laid out in 15 chapters with more that 200 pages.  All you have  to do is choose where you want to start, and answer the questions.  It will leave you with a well organized doocument that you will be proud to pass on to your descendants.


We have chosen a few random pages for your review.  This is definitely a family keepsake, an heirloom.  Your finished memoir can be bound or turned into a hardcover book with full color decide.  When you have finished your writing, contact us to learn how.


Describe the historical events that you lived through.  Give them your perspective on  the the election and the term of office for the first Aftican-American prewsident in the United States of America. Don't leave them to rely only on the words of others!  Give your descendants the opportunity to get to know you and learn firsthand about their ancestral roots!


 A parent's heart is his/her child's classroom which affects eternity througoh them,

for the parent shall never know where their influence ends.

                                                                                   Carolyn Hartfield




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