May 28, 2010Vol 1, Issue 1
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Carolyn HartfieldWelcome to our world...a fabulous world of fun, fitness and friendship for mature adults who are lovin' life, laughin' out loud, and willing to learn something new everyday!
If that describes you, you are definitely in the right place.
Our primary goal is to help change public attitudes towards getting older by providing viable health and wellness tips to improve the current state of physical and mental health for all men and women with a particular focus on those between the ages of 45 and 65...Baby Boomers, the fastest growing segemnt in the U nited States!
We participate in intergenerational projects and events...being around younger adults and in some cases, young people, it helps keep us vibrant and lively!  So, look out world...Baby Boomers...the forever young generation is here to stay!  Tell your friends, colleagues, family members and anyone else who might be intrested in what we do.  Click here to forward this newsletter to them. 
Food for Thought...
Food for ThoughtTips and Tidbits
for Your Better Health!
Did you know that no matter your age, current state of health or weight, the common denominator to greater health is diet and exercise?
Start making healthier choices that are more nutritional and choose to get your exercise by engaging in an activity that is enjoyable and even fun to you.

...for the Seasoned & Highly F(l)avored

Sweet Auburn 5k Fun Run/Walk

--- POSTPONED --- 

Sport ShoesDid you sign up for the Memorial Day 5k FunRun/Walk?  Well, if you did, please know that it hs been postponed!
We will keep you abreast of the new date and other planned activities.  In the meantime, plan to, at the very least, go for a stroll in your community  to help stay in shape!  Enjoy the Memorial Day holiday weekend!
Come On...Join Us!


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What is going on with you?  What is going on in your community?  What activities would you like to see in your neighborhood, your church, club or organization?
This is your opportunity to tell us your thoughts on what OPALs can do to help you, your friends, neighbors, family members and others become more active with people your own age, in leading an active healthy lifestyle, become more fit, share friendships and have fun by participating in various recreational, athletic and social events with peers.  This also includes community services and teachable intergenerational projects...let us know! 
Hartfield's Hikers
Hartfield's Hikers LogoJoin us for our monthly, first Saturday, hike on one of the beautiful Georgia Trails. The June 5th hike is to Providence Canyon.  Click Here to get more information. 
This is one of our intergenerational adventures.  We are as fast as the slowest per son, but we do ask that you read and adhere to the posted difficulty of the hike and honestly assess your level of fitness.  It is truly an enjoyable experience being out in nature with good peolpe  
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Food for Thought
Sweet Auburn 5k
Come On...Join Us!
Hartfield's Hikers
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Older Americans Month
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Our Sponsors & Supporters
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Family Wellness Network
Coming Soon...please stay tuned for this nationwide network to help us attain, and maintain greater health for us and our families.
Sweet Auburn
2010 Springfest
Sweet Auburn Logo
The 26th Annual Sweet Auburn Springfest was an overwhelming success!  It has been reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution that the festival brings in anywhere from 300,000 to 500,00 over the weekend... WOW!
This year OPALs was honored to be a part of this grand event!   We met a lot of wonderful people and was able to share OPALs with a lot of people.  We look forward to them joining our network.
Mentoring Opportunities
May - Older Americans Month
Older Americans Month LogoIf you are 'Older' as OPALs are, hope you did something special to celebrate your life.  Something I suggest to everyone, regardless of age is to:
      • Laugh Out Loud
      • Live Strong to Live Long
      • Love Unconditionally
      • Learn Something New Daily
      • Leave a Legacy
      • and, Dance as if No One is Watching!
You are very special and all of your experiences have molded you into the great person you are, and provide proof of the full and rich life you live.  When you share your wisdom with others, do it in a thoughtful and well meaning way.
Your Inheritance...Claim it!
Carolyn HartfieldAudrey and Frank Peterman, who are OPALs, are authors of 'Legacy on the Land: A Black Couple Discovers Our National Inheitance and Tells Why Every American Should Care"  have been pioneers in the green and  conservation movement since 1995.They are among the leading experts on America's publicly-owned lands system. They are tenacious advocates for breaking the color barrier and  integration of our natural treasures as a way for all Americans, including children, youth, adults and seniors regardless of ethnic  heritage to better appreciate our collective history and achieve a truly democratic society.
Click on the image of the book to visit the website and get more information, or click the lilnk below to purchase your copy today.
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Did you know that OPALs are the most individual of gemstones.  They are as individual as your personality or your fingerprint.  Beautiful opals are one of a kind.  A natural work of art with a unique pattern unlike any other.  If that describes proud to be an OPAL.  We say as Older People with Active Lifestyles...OPALs are Real Gems!
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