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Did you know...
The Earth might seem like it has abundant water, but in fact only one percent of all water on the planet is available for humans.
A full bathtub requires about 70 gallons of water, but taking a five-minute shower saves water by using 10 to 25 gallons.
Use public transportation, carpool, walk, or bike whenever possible to reduce air pollution and save on fuel costs. Leaving your car at home just two days a week will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1,600 pounds per year.
The average washing machine uses 40.9 gallons of water per load. To achieve even greater savings, wash only full loads of laundry or be sure to choose the appropriate load size on the washing machine.
These a just a few green tips courtesy of the EPA.

It's in Your Hands

Celebrate God's Creation...
Celebrate Earth Day
April 22...
and Everyday thereafter!

Eat Green...Live Green

Member Shout Out
Janice, Greg, Rachel
Janice Lawrence-Greg-Rachel
Janice and Rachel and back home from their fantastic trip to Japan to visit Greg, Janice's son.  We are looking forward to hearing about her trip.  We hope to see her on the next hike. 
However, in the meantime,  click here or on the photo to visit Janice's Facebook page to see her jounral, including awesome photos of their trip.
 Janice & Rachel

Highly Recommended Reading

Carolyn Hartfield

This book continues to receive rave reviews from the White House on down. The authors, Audrey and Frank Peterman are members of Hartfield's Hikers and very good friends. Purchase the book and/or get more information...
National Parks tours are being planned.
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 Keep America Beautiful!
Save OurSelves...Preserve the Earth
Do something GREEN this week and make it a part of your routine...Eat Green and Live Green...visit a park!  This is National Park Week!
Theresa Hall was a great guest on our radio show.  If you missed it live, go to the website and listen!

We got our Wednesday morning 6a time slot back
. Our  Older People with Active Lifestyles (OPALs) program, which is now under a 501[c]3 IRS designation, continues to expand.  We are becoming a vital resource of Baby Boomer activities across the nation.  Please share the information with your 'older' family members and friends. Send them to the web site
The planning for the Sweet Auburn 2010 Springfest and the Inaugural Sweet Auburn Restoration and Health Assurance 5k Fun Run/Walk is wrapping up. Hope you plan to you us and tell your family and friends.  Visit the web site to see all the great activities and plan to attend.  
Happy, Healthy Hiking...
Carolyn Hartfield, The Hiking Lady
May Hike
Ravens Cliff Falls
 Ravens Cliff & Duke Creek Falls
Saturday, May 1
Rated: Moderate
Distance: 4 miles
plus 1 easy mile for
 Duke Creek Falls
8:00 a.m. Sharp Departure
(arrive by 7:45a)
Norcross, GA 30093
The Ravens Cliff Falls Trail is a wonder to behold, and the hike in is almost equally as stunning. After the first waterfall a change in the trees is obvious. The forest is dominated by hardwoods. Short cascades and riplets of whitewater produce a relaxing gurgle during a significant portion of the hike. On the path several additional waterfalls add to the pleasure of this trek.
The path is rarely more than 50 feet from the creek, and this eastern facing cove has an abundance of wildlife. The approach to the Cliffs is the highlight of the trip. A quick climb and loud noise impart the message of the approaching waterfall. The water rushes through a split in the rocks and splashes down in cascades to the bottom. Typical of high forest falls, water flow is heavy only in the spring, but somehow the way the cliff is shaped makes these falls seem strong most of the year. A short path leads to the top of falls.

The Dukes Creek Falls pathway is remarkably level, it descends more than 400 feet on the half-mile in/out trek. The sound of the waterfall can only be heard at the middle of each switchback, fading as the next turn approaches. Where the footpath switches back the sounds of the forest are louder than the falls.

As always, wear comfortable (not new) sturdy shoes and layered clothing. Bring plenty of water, snacks and your lunch. We will stop about midway and have lunch on the trail. It is about a two hour or less drive from Atlanta.
Remember...we carpool, so please be prepared to donate $5 - $7 to the driver for gas and parking.  There is a $5 fee for parking unless you go to your local library and check-out a State Park Parking Pass for free parking.we car pool and each rider is asked to give the driver $5 for gas.

Meet at 5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd., Norcross, GA  30019-1519. We will be in the parking lot in front of the new Hong Kong Market (the old International Farmers Market).  Click here for directions.  It is a 2-hour ride from Atlanta.  Prepare for a long day.
Get more information about Ravens Cliff and Dukes Creek Falls.
Please be honest with yourself and your ability to hike a 4 + 1 mile moderate trail.  We want it to be enjoyable to everyone!
Weekend Getaway
LAST CALL  for all Nature Lovers & Hikers for a Weekend Adventure...

You don't have to worry about driving, just relax on a deluxe motor coach, socialize, watch movies, play cards or other games, enjoy the people, the sights and the outdoors.

The low price of $150.00 includes Transportation (Motorcoach), Double Occupancy (add $25 for singles), Tickets to Cathedral Caverns and Rock City Gardens, and a Continental Breakfast. 
Click here for more information and to reserve your space.
Good Hiking & Health Tips
One of the best investments a hiker can ever make is in the selection hiking footwear especially good hiking boots. Good
boots give you the support, comfort and traction you need to conquer any hike.

Support is paramount. A good boot provides the added stiffness and 'springiness' that your foot and ankle need. You want to be able to press off the ground, boulders and other surfaces in a sure way. You need to have confidence that your boots will support you. More information...

Move your body. Every single day. Even if it is for 10 minutes at a time, the human body was designed to move. You do not have to have a fancy gym membership to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Dancing in your living room to your favorite music for 10 minutes here and there can really make a difference when done consistently. The secret is to build small segments of movement into your day rather than stressing out over not being able to get to the gym to do a "work out" for an hour. Small steps over time lead up to a long journey! Read more...
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Sweet Auburn 2010 Springfest
 Friday - Sunday, May 7 -9
Sweet Auburn Inaugural Restoration & Health Assurance
5K Fun Run/Walk
Saturday, Monday, May 31 - Memorial Day

Check Out Our Upcoming Hikes
Ravens Cliff Falls
  JUNE 5
Providence Canyon
This 3.2 mile-long loop trail introduces you to the plants and animals in a mixed oak-pine forest found along the headwaters of Mountain Creek.
As the trail climbs and descends, look for changes between the drier ridges and the wetter stream bottoms. There are also differences due to past human activities. Early in the morning or just before sunset is a good time to hear woodpeckers tapping on snags or see deer grazing in forest glades.
Departs at a from IHOP at 6902 Londoner Way, Union City, GA.  RSVP Here
Providence Canyon
 July 3
Kennesaw Mountain 
This interpreted trail climbs from behind the visitors center at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park to the top of Kennesaw Mountain. The trail is steep throughout, only occasionally broken by a brief, level stretch of terrain. Because of the steep grade and the rocky nature of the trail, we rate this difficult.

Kennesaw Mountain Trail features a number of interpreted points of interest.
Departs at 8a from IHOP at 2530 Cobb Parkway, Smyrna, GA.  RSVP Here
Panther Creek
August 7
Panther Creek
This scenic 5 mile hike in North Georgia in of moderate difficulty with one rock climb and several steep ledges.

The trail enters a wooded area and opens up to an overpass. It returns to the woods, following Panther Creek on a long, gentle arc. This area of the northeast corner of the state is geologically different than the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains and most of the state.

Departs at 8a from IHOP at 5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd., Norcross, GA.  RSVP Here
Carolyn Hartfield
 "The Hiking Lady"
Normally, we hike the first Saturday of every month unless posted otherwise. Our hikers are all ages, from youth to seniors. 
We simply ask you to make note of the length of the hike and the level of difficulty rating.  We are as fast as the slowest person...no need to feel pressured.  We enjoy nature and the company of each other as we hike the trails. 
Both Carolyn and Paulette, who is the Sweep (the person in the back to ensure no one is left behind) are 'Certified' Outings Leaders with the Sierra Club.  They hike as a team to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the hikers are assured.
Carolyn is available for speaking engagements on practical ways to improve your current state of health and wellbeing.  Her profession is Integrated Marketing Specialist.
Tune in to her weekly radio show 'OPALs' (Older People with Active Lifestyles) every Wednesday morning at 6:00 a.m. on BlogTalkRadio.com/opals
"A loving attitude, enjoying life, and learning something new everyday is my goal."