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 December  1,  2009
Soooo sorry for the late reminder for the December hike...my computer crashed!  Photos will be in the next announcement after my computer is reparied.  Thanks for your understanding!!!  Additionslly, we were late in scouting the December trail only to find out that part of it is closed for maintenance.  We contemplated if we should change the location, but decided not to since it has been a long standing tradition for us to hike Stone Mountain in December.  More info below...
Hope you had the best ever Thanksgiving holiday.  I had my first ever, fully organic Thanksgiving dinner, including organic turkey breast, chicken, gourmet stuffing, various vegetables, homemade cranberry sauce and much more...it was really good.  By the way, I did all the cooking!
The November hike to Blood Mountain was awesome!  To date it was our most difficut hike.  Most of the hikers it was their first time hikng Blood Mountain and/or their first ever hike...wow!  Can you believe we had 40, yes 40 hikers with us!  It would have been overwhelming for Paulette and I had it not been for Alisha and Garry, who are Hike Leaders in training.  They helped out tremendously...a BIG thanks to both of them!
All but one person made it the top!!!  With that said...please make note of the posted hike rating and be honest with yourself and your health condition...if you are healthy enough to make it.  It is unfair to everyone else on the hike if you can't make it...keeping in mind that we do not leave anyone and are as fast  as the slowest hiker, thanks  to Paulette acting as the SWEEP at the rear.
Shout out to Kim McCrear on the launch of her new book, A Soul Returned.  So sorry we could not make it to her book launch, seeing how late (after dark) we got back from the Blood Mountain hike.  For more info on Kim's book, click here, or go online to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
Another shout out..this one to Audrey & Frank Peterman on their upcoming Book Signing and Discussion on Sunday, December 7 at the Shrine of the Black Madonna in  Atlanta.  Their book:  Legacy on the Land: A Black Couple Discovers Our National Inheritance and Tells Why Every American Should Care. 
Learn from yesterday, Live for tomorrow, and share Love unselfishly!
Carolyn Hartfield
The Hiking  Lady 
Happy belated birthdayJanice Lawrence and Arthur Ratliff! 
The Mill at Stone MountainStone Mountain

Scenic  5-mile Hike 

This Saturday
 December 7
   8:00 a.m.

Rated:  Easy to Moderate
We will hike the Cherokee Trail which explores much of the Natural District around the base of Stone Mountain.  The trail itself is 6 miles, but due to trail maintenance, it is cut short and we will have to detour to the connector trail to complete the hike.  Therefore, since our hike will not be the full 6 miles, we will hike up to the top of the mountain as well.
As always, wear sturdy shoes or hiking boots, and of course comfortable layered clothing.  Bring water and snacks.  

From the Top of Stone  MountainThe view frm the top of the mountain is grand!

Our meeting place is inside the park through the west gate, by the parking lot near the restrooms, behind Confederate Hall at the base of the mountain.
Unless you have a park pass or want to pay, we  will park at the Stone Mountain MARTA Park & Ride lot for free.  It is located off Manor between 4th and 5th streets.  It is a very short walk to the walk-through gate, we will be straight ahead in the open area waiting for you.    Click here for directions.   

If you haven't done so already, please click here to RSVP for the hike, or contact Hike Leaders Carolyn at 678.231.4973 or Paulette at 404.246.4727.
UPDATE:  Hike Master Clarence Wilson says his mother is doing much, much better. He says thank you for your prayers,  thoughts and kind words.
January Hike

Sweet Water Creek
Saturday, January 2, 2010 
Mark your calendar...start the year off right!  Make it your New Year's Resolution!  More info to come on this hike and the 2010 hike schedule.  We will be adding some new hikes and following a few new rules to ensure we continue to share and introduce hiking in the great outdoors with people of color in a pleasant and memorable environment!
 About  Hartfield's  Hikes

Normally, we hike the first Saturday of every month unless posted otherwise, with Hike Master Clarence Wilson who has been leading hikes in the Georgia Mountains since the late 1980's, 'certified' Hike Leader Carolyn Hartfield who has been hiking since 2004 and Sierra Club outings Leader Paulette Scott.  Our hikers are all ages, from youth to seniors. 
We ask you to take into consideration your physical ability, the length of the hike and level of difficulty when deciding to join us.  We are as fast as the slowest person, so there is no need to feel pressured. The hikes are designed to be stress free and pleasurable experiences for everyone as we become one with nature.  We enjoy the great American outdoors and the companionship of each other as we hike the trails.