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 September  2009
Our August hike to Black Rock Mountain was awesome!  As usual, we had a good number of new hikers. We love having the opportunity to continually introduce hiking in the Great  American Outdoors to people of color.  Everyone had a great time trekking up to the highest park in the state of Georgia.  Our photo slideshow is located at the very bottom.
The September hike promises to be one of the greatest yet! There are 10 overlooks that we will visit on the trail and each has a magnificent view of the great and awesome American outdoors, right here in Georgia!  This hike is sure to help you better appreciate why we must do our part to help preserve the natural wonders of the world, starting in our own community.
Well, it's official...Paulette Scott and I both have officially been certified as an 'Outing Leader' for the Sierra Club...yeah!!!
Join us on this hike as we celebrate our accomplishment and I will be celebrating my 61st, yes that's right...my 61st birthday, which is actually on the 5th...wow!!!
Don't forget to go to the public library and get a free parking pass for the day.  Contact your local branch ahead of time to reserve the pass.  Click here to find your closest branch.  Save the $5 parking fee by getting the pass.  If you don't get the pass, remember, the parking fee is $5,  cash only.
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P.S...Yours truly is an active participant in the conference...click above to visit the website, get more information and plan to come out and support this great conference. Help us spread the word!
A special thanks to Leslie Johnson, Atlanta Family Recreation Reporter for the online Examiner ezine for featuring me in one of her articles concerning hiking...click here for the article.

Gregory (son of hiker Janice Lawrence) and Amanda (his fiancee) will be in Japan by the time we meet for our September hike, where they will live for the next year.  We look forward to keeping in touch through their blog and seeing their photos. From all of us, we wish them many great adventures, the creation of unforgettable memories, positive life changing experiences and a safe venture!
Live your life with passion, purpose and the pursuit of your destiny!
Carolyn Hartfield
Tallulah GorgeTallulah Gorge

Scenic  3 mile Hike

Saturday, September 5, 2009
8:00 a.m.

Rated:  Moderate to Strenuous
 Tallulah Gorge has 10 spectacular scenic overlooks of which we will visit as we trek both the north and south rims of the gorge.  Each has their own allure. You are guaranteed to be enthralled with each of the various views from the overlooks. 
We will take the 522 stairs down to the floor of the gorge, and yes, we have to climb the stairs back up...that's a total of 1044 steps. While it is strenuous, there are plenty of landings, some with benches, on which you can rest. We will also walk the suspension bridge that crosses the Tallulah River.  
Also, included in our hike is where tightrope walker Karl Wallenda walked across the 750 foot deep gorge in 1970 and did two, yes 2 headstands while suspended...an unbelievable amazing feat! There are remnants of the equipment that held the cable on which he walked for you to see.
As always, wear sturdy shoes or hiking boots, and of course comfortable clothing.  Bring plenty of water, snacks and your lunch.  Please eat a hardy breakfast to help sustain your strength.
Remember... we car pool and each rider is asked to donate at least $5 toward gas.

Our meeting place is 5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd., Norcross, GA  30019-1519. We will be in the parking lot in front of the new Hong Kong Market (the old International Farmers Market).  Click here for directions.  The trail head is a little less than a 1.5 hour ride from Atlanta.  Our first stop is at  the Visitor's Center to use the facilities and possibly view the 15 minute video that gives an overview of Tallulah Gorge. 
Get more information about Tallulah Gorge.  You can contact our Hike Master Clarence at 404.343.8039 or Hike Leader Carolyn at 678.231.4973.
To RSVP for the hike, click here
October Hike

Elachee Nature Center Trail 
Sat., October 3, 2009  
The Elachee Nature Center  (click the link and scroll down for more info) is surrounded by the 1,500 acre Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve laced with over 13 miles of nature trails. It is one of the premier nature centers in Georgia.  The trail we will hike one of the longer 3 - 4 mile loop trails.   More to come...
 Black Rock Mountain Hike GroupAbout  Hartfield's  Hikes

Normally, we hike the first Saturday of every month unless posted otherwise, with Hike Master Clarence Wilson who has been leading hikes in the Georgia Mountains since the late 1980's, or 'certified' Hike Leader Carolyn Hartfield who has been hiking since 2004.  Our hikers are all ages, from youth to seniors. 
We ask you to make note of the length of the hike and the level of difficulty rating.  We are as fast as the slowest person...no need to feel pressured.  We enjoy nature and the company of each other as we hike the trails.
Click here or on the photo , then click on slideshow to see the photos (and video) from the August hike at Black Rock Mountain taken by hiker Kim McCrear.  Everyone had a great time!