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Hiking with Hartfield & Friends August 3, 2009
We had a fantastic time at our August hike at Black Rock Mountain. We had seven new hikers to join us this month.  Here are the great photos taken by hikers Kim McCrear and Jana Johnson.
Thanks Kim & Jana!  The views are absolutely breathtaking...
View the photos:
Photo Album 1 - photos by Kim McCrear
Photo Album 2 - photos by Jana Johnson 
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Just for the health of it!

Carolyn Hartfield
Upcoming Hikes

Vickery Creek Trail
Saturday, August 22, 2009
8:00a.m. - Rated Easy to Moderate - approx. 4 miles
This is one of our Sierra Club hikes...space is limited.
Gold Branch Trail
Saturday, August 22, 2009
11:00a.m.  - Rated Easy to Moderate - approx. 4.8 miles
This is one of our Sierra Club hikes...space is limited.
Talullah Gorge
Saturday, September 5, 2009 
8:00a.m. - Rated Moderate to Strenuous - approx. 3 miles
More info to come.  Learn more about the trail...
About Hartfield''s Hikes
We are a group of men, women and youth who hike monthly, year-round, to simply enjoy the great outdoors amidst God's wondrous creations.  We are also well aware of the health and wellness benefits from this fitness activity.