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Hiking with Hartfield & Friends July 2009
We had a great time on our July hike at Providence Canyon.  Here are the great photos taken by hikers Kim McCrear and Arthur Ratliff.
Thanks Kim , Arthur & Jana!  Enjoy, there are more photos to come. Stay tuned...
View the photos:
Photo Album 1 - photos by Kim McCrear
Photo Album 2  - photos by Arthur Ratliff
Photo Album 3 - photos by Jana Johnson 

(After landing on the photo album page, click on 'slideshow' to see the photos) 

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Just for the health of it!

Carolyn Hartfield
Another July Outdoor Activity

Canoeing on Lake Rutledge
Saturday, July 18, 2009
You can  canoe or you can do your own thing and relax on the beach. This is a coordinated event between Black Singles Over 40 and the Black Newcomers Network (BNN). Click here for more details.
If you are interested, don't delay, call Theresa at 404.406.3936.
August Hike

Black Rock Mountain
Saturday, August 1, 2009
8:00a.m. SHARP Departure!
Black Rock Mountain is located astride the Eastern Continental Divide at an altitude of 3,640 feet.  It is the highest state point of any Georgia state park.  The overlooks provide a spectcular 80-mile view from which you can see the neighboring states of North & South Carolina as well as Tennessee.
This hike is rated moderately difficult with its climb to 3,640 feet...more info to come.
About Hartfield''s Hikes
We are a group of men, women and youth who hike monthly, year-round, to simply enjoy the great outdoors amidst God's wondrous creations.  We are also well aware of the health and wellness benefits from this fitness activity.