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Hiking with Hartfield & Friends July 2009
We welcomed nine newcomers to Hartfield's Hikers in June.  Our July hike is in south Georgia, at Providence Canyon. It is quite different from most of our previous hikes.  The trail surrounds the canyon and allows you to look over into the 9 canyons and marvel at the breathtaking colors of Georgia's 'Little Grand Canyon.'  We will start by going into the canyons.  I was amazed when I was down in the canyons and looked up at the beautiful natural hues of the canyon walls.
The floors of the canyons are wet and a little muddy.  Wear shoes you won't mind getting dirty.  Also, bring your bug spray.  It really isn't bad, but want to be sure you are properly prepared.
This will actually be an historic hike for us.  We found out that due to a lack of funding, the visitors center will be closed.  The facilities will be open, but not the office. However, we were able to get some memento pins for those who make the hike and are interested.
You may want to consider joining the Canyon Climbers Club.  It involves taking the challenge to hike Providence Canyon along with 3 other hike trails will get you a limited-edition t-shirt. The cost is $10 to join.  I will have additional information for those who want to consider the challenge.
Did you know that you can go to the public library and get a free parking pass for the day?  Contact your local branch ahead of time to reserve the pass.  Click here to find your closest branch.  Save the $5 parking fee by getting the pass.  If you don't get the pass, remember, the parking fee is $5,  cash only.
Enjoy life and learn something new every day!
Carolyn Hartfield
Providence CanyonProvidence Canyon

Scenic  3-mile Hike
Saturday, July 11, 2009
8:00 a.m.

Rated:  Easy

Providence Canyon State Park is a 1008 acre part.  It's claim to fame is that it is one of the Seven Wonders of Georgia, and known as Georgia's Little Grand Canyon.  The Canyon Loop Trail  circles nine of the canyons. You will be able to get a close up view of the beautiful canyon walls.  The trail is very colorful and has great overlooks.
You will be amazed at the breathtaking colors of Georgia's "Little Grand Canyon." Colorful wildflowers, as well as the pink, orange, red and purple hues of the soft canyon soil, make a beautiful natural painting at this unique park. The rare Plumleaf Azalea grows only in this region and blooms during July and August when most azaleas have lost their color.  
The floor of the canyons is often wet and/or muddy so you should wear shoes and clothing that you don't mind getting muddy.  This is a great trail for beginners and youth.

As always, wear comfortable  shoes and clothing.  Bring plenty of water and snacks.
Remember...we car pool and each rider is asked to donate toward gas.

Meeting place is IHOP at the Shannon Mall.  I-85 South - Exit 64.  Click here for directions.  The trailhead is about 3-hours away, so plan for a long day. 
Get more information about Providence Canyon,  contact our Hike Master Clarence at 404.343.8039 or Hike Leader Carolyn at 678.231.4973.
To RSVP for the hike, click here
August  Hike

Black Rock Mountain
Sat., August 1, 2009 
Georgia's Black Rock Mountain State Park is named for its sheer cliffs of dark-colored biotite gneiss. The park covers some of the most beautiful land in Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains.

Located along the Eastern Continental Divide, the Black Rock Mountain State Park is the highest state park in Georgia with an altitude of 3,640 feet. The many scenic overlooks provide amazing 80-mile views of the Southern Appalachian Mountains.
 Raven Cliffs & Dukes Creek Falls Hiking GroupAbout  Hartfield's  Hikes

Normally, we hike the first Saturday of every month unless posted otherwise, with Hike Master Clarence Wilson who has been leading hikes in the Georgia Mountains since the late 1980's, or Hike Leader Carolyn Hartfield who has been hiking since 2004.  Our hikers are all ages, from youth to seniors. 
We ask you to make note of the length of the hike and the rating.  We are as fast as the slowest person...no need to feel pressured.  We enjoy nature and the company of each other as we walk the trails.
Click here or on the photo , then click on slideshow to see the photos (and video) from the June hike at Raven Cliffs Falls and Dukes Creek Falls taken by hiker Kim McCrear.  Many thanks to Kim for her great photography. Everyone had a great time!