Vol. 1, Issue 1 
August 2012
MC Yogi Elephant Power

 Last weekend as I was out listening and dancing to some live music, I realized how important it is to be around music. People were so happy, sharing in community, and moving. So if you are someone who doesn't do this much you might want to explore.  MC Yogi - the chanter who uses rap and reggae to talk about the Indian deities will be playing Thursday, August 9th in the city if anyone wants to attend. People usually really enjoy his music when I play it in the office.
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Jane Sunset 1


     Hello! It has been a while since I have shared. We have been through a clear day together, and now we are well into summer. I spent a week in Italy attending the Healing in Paradise program. It truly was perfection; a small 4 square acre island, 85 degrees, winds blowing, warm Mediterranean ocean, the sounds of the waves soothing the soul, good food, and great community. Really idyllic conditions for love, joy, gratitude, passion, and contribution.

     At a certain point in the program Donny addressed the question 'when we are in such an amazing place, with such incredible people, how is it that some of you can still find a reason to be miserable?' The point of this question is what kind of life are you really creating for yourself? Which emotions are you so comfortable with that you keep repeating them to keep you safe and sure.... sadness? ....anger..... ? fear? depression? When I talk to you about being in discover, this is the kind of example I am talking about.

     For myself I was in absolute heaven during the program, reconnecting with an old love, and finding myself so joyful. Upon my return, it wasn't quite as heavenly, however, I did get the opportunity to see that I create situations in which I am going to get disappointed and hurt. Once the light has shown on that, I can create and choose my situations differently. HUGE. Do you guys get it? So for you, if you are in a situation that is not to your liking, investigate, and figure out what story your are telling yourself about it. And then change the story. In order to transform, this kind of attention is a must. If you keep living your life the way you have been living it, then you will continue to be uncomfortable and dissatisfied.

Let Go Butterfly
Our next Clear Day is scheduled for Saturday, September 22nd, from 9-6. Donna Mutter will be here from New Jersey to entrain with me, and Dana will be doing SRI and Mike Brabant will be offering education on how
 to embody Reorganizational Healing/Living in your everyday life and experiencing a tangible sense of the energetic field of community.

    It will be a fantastic day! I hope you will join us! Kerani's home is not available that day so we are researching locations. If anyone knows of a great place with two big rooms, and outdoor space, please let me know.

     We have a limited number of spaces. Please sign up at the office or by calling 510.654.1480 when you are ready to commit. The cost is $250 as long as you register before August 31st. Afterwards it will be $300. I look forward to sharing the day with you!

Click here to view the flyer. 


      My friend and colleague, John Amaral, came up with a fabulous Venn Diagram going over the Seasons of Care: Discover, Transform, Awaken and Integrate. Please look at it, and apply it to your life. If you have questions, please talk with me.

Art of Well-being
Stages of Healing

SRI Discover Workshop

Dana will be offering a workshop for SRI going into depth for stages 1, 2 and 3 that make up the season of Discover. Anyone new to care in the past 6 months who hasn't had this opportunity to dive into SRI, this is highly recommended.

Donny says that we should all be doing stages 1 and 2 daily. If you haven't perfected your range in all six areas, then this is for you. This is open to you and any friends you have that you think might benefit, even those not in care.

The workshops will be on Sunday August 26th, from 10-2. Investment is $125 by August 21st and $140 thereafter. Please sign up at the office or by calling 510.654.1480

Private Sessions with Jeannie

Jeannie will be in the office on Saturday, August 11th offering private SRI sessions. For those of you who haven't met Jeannie, she is a force of nature, and a great facilitator. So this is a great chance to have a private session, one on one. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity. There are only a few spots left, please sign up at the office or by calling 510.654.1480
Ful-Filled Book Cover

This year is the year that I decided that I was going to overcome my challenges with food, and the many multi sizes that I store in my closet. So in May I began reading a book by Renee Stephens called Ful-filled. I have read a lot of books, done many varieties of diets and cleanses, and this book I think has had the greatest impact on me of everything I have ever done.

Perhaps it is just the timing, but I have seen its effects on a friend who has done the book with me, and she too has had great change, discovery, and shift. So, a practice member alerted me yesterday to the fact that the author is doing a 6 week online class. It's only $68, and I am definitely doing it. So if it calls you, click here to sign up. 
Thank you for being on this journey together with me. May we all shine more and more bright every day.

With Love,


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