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The Mayer 

342 North Water Street

Milwaukee WI, 53202



234 Florida 

234 Florida St.

Milwaukee, WI 53202


The Saddlery 

233 N. Water St.

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100-202 E. Capitol Dr. 

Milwaukee, WI 53212

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N  O  V  E  M  B  E  R     2  0  1  1



Autumn in Milwaukee is a treat!  The air is crisp, the leaves have put on their colorful show, and the time approaches to give thanks for the bounty in our lives. 


This autumn is also the ten year anniversary of the sleek entry to the Milwaukee Art Museum, designed by Spaniard Santiago Calatrava.  Lauded as one of the most important modern buildings in the world, last year the new structure brought 300,000 visitors to Milwaukee and the museum.


The stark modernism of the Calatrava contrasts with the substantial, timeless warehouse buildings of the Third and Fifth Wards, testament to the enduring nature of good design even as the use of the buildings and the world around them continually evolves.  The Saddlery, The Mayer, and 234 Florida stand tall today and continue to hold their own in the 21st century.   


As always, please let us know your thoughts and suggestions about our properties. We're here to take care of your work environment. Just click here to send an email to me.


Ann Pieper Eisenbrown


LEEDing the way to high performance and sustainability


Are you familiar with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)?  It is the United States' preeminent program for the design, construction and operation of high performance buildings.  234 W. Florida has achieved a Silver certification for its Core and Shell (CS) design and construction, and all of our office buildings are registered for Existing Building Operations & Maintenance (EBOM) certification.  While we are proud of the CS certification, the EBOM certifications will also show that we operate our buildings sustainably, every day, as we have for many years.  LEED-EBOM evaluates a building within the context of seven areas: 


Site sustainability 

   (i.e. urban redevelopment or greenfield availability of  

    public transport)

Water efficiency 

   (sink, toilet, urinal, shower efficiency)

Energy and atmosphere 

   (EnergyStar rating, building commissioning)

Materials and resources 

   (sustainable purchasing, solid waste management)

Indoor environmental quality 

   (indoor air quality, green cleaning, no smoking)


   (propose new credit not in the above)

Regional priority 

   (propose regional credit not in above)



This month we focus on regional priority. The purpose of the regional priority section of LEED-EBOM is to encourage design teams to focus on prioritized environmental issues within a project's distinct environmental zone.  


Each Regional Priority credit ties back to other credits, for instance Site Sustainability Credit 4 "SSc4"; in addition to any credits earned for SSc4, the project would automatically earn another point for the Regional Priority credit. Our environmental zone includes these Regional Priority ("RP") items, with the related thresholds to meet or exceed:
  • SSc4: Alternative Commuting Transportation: Reduce the number of commuting round-trips made by regular building occupants using single occupant, conventionally powered and conventionally fueled vehicles. Reduction of 75% or more earns an RP credit.
  • Indoor Plumbing Fixture and Fitting Efficiency: Maximize indoor plumbing fixture and fitting efficiency within buildings to reduce the use of potable water. Reduction of 30% of more earns an RP credit. At 234 Florida, the building is designed to operate with 30% less usage.
  • Renewable Energy: Meet some or all of the building's total energy use with on-site or off-site renewable energy systems. 3% on-site OR 25% off-site renewable energy earns and RP credit.

Exemplary performance points may also be earned for achieving double the credit requirements and/or achieving the next incremental percentage threshold of an existing credit in LEED, such as a 40% or more reduction in water use. (The Water Efficiency section provides up to 5 points for up to 30% reduction in water use.)


Questions? Comments? We welcome your involvement!




With offices in Milwaukee and Chicago, Tri-Marq specializes in the creation of proven effective and award-winning television commercials and video, Web sites, interactive multi-media presentations, and live business theatre. 

Whether it involves video, multi-media, film, business theatre, or all of the above, every idea starts as a picture in the mind's eye. At Tri-Marq, we're in the business of turning ideas into powerful images.


Tri-Marq's clients include Marquette University, Aurora Health Care, R.W. Baird, Equity Residential, KI, and RedPrairie. We've won countless awards, including Tellys, Addys, and even an Emmy.


Our sister company, Backlot Imaging, works on the post-production of Hollywood films like The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Help, and Soul Surfer.



Green Tip


Did you know that recycling one ton of paper saves the processing of seventeen trees and three cubic yards of landfill space? 



Neighborhood Close-Up:  

Milwaukee Ale House Celebrates! 


Happy 15th year, Milwaukee Ale House!

This autumn the Ale House begins its 15th year in business. When they opened, the only other retail neighbors were a video rental store (long before the days of a Blockbuster on every corner let alone Netflix and AppleTV) and....an adult toy/video shop. Today the pioneering Ale House is joined in the Third Ward by many other eating and drinking establishments as well as national and local retailers such as Anthropologie, LuLu Lemon, Design Within Reach, Cranston, Stephanie Horne, and Metro Eye. 

Congratulations on fifteen years of feeding people fresh music and live beer! 


Milwaukee Ale House

233 N. Water St.

(414) 276-2337


Sunday-Wednesday 11:00 am- 12:00 

Thursday-Saturday 11:00  til Bar Time


Food Served:

Monday-Thursday 11:00am-10:00pm 

Friday-Saturday - 11:00am-10:00pm

Sunday - 11:00am-9:00pm


For full menu and events: