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Wow, August already...back-to-school season, right? Right! To get you in the mood, a little history lesson...did you know 234 Florida was constructed beginning in 1892? It is actually three buildings (north, middle and "south") constructed over a period of time as the original owner and occupant, Gem Hammock and Fly Netting, grew and expanded. The surface parking lot was most likely intended to be a fourth building, as evidenced by the clay tile wall that was replaced by the distinctive four story "window wall". 



When walking thru the building, one can see where each of the three buildings begins and ends...arched doorways and similar but different ceiling construction. The upper floors of the building also had floors that sloped to the middle for collection and disposal of waste. Today the fully renovated 234 Florida is home to several thriving creative and technical companies, all proud citizens of the 21st century.


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Ann Pieper Eisenbrown


LEEDing the way to high performance and sustainability


Are you familiar with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)?  It is the United States' preeminent program for the design, construction and operation of high performance buildings.  234 W. Florida has achieved a Silver certification for its Core and Shell (CS) design and construction, and all of our office buildings are registered for Existing Building Operations & Maintenance (EBOM) certification.  While we are proud of the CS certification, the EBOM certifications will also show that we operate our buildings sustainably, every day, as we have for many years.  LEED-EBOM evaluates a building within the context of seven areas: 

  • site sustainability (i.e. urban redevelopment or greenfield, availability of public transport)
  • water efficiency (sink, toilet, urinal, shower efficiency)
  • energy and atmosphere (EnergyStar rating, building commissioning)
  • materials and resources (sustainable purchasing, solid waste management)
  • indoor environmental quality (indoor air quality, green cleaning, no smoking)
  • innovation (propose new credit not in the above)
  • regional priority (propose regional credit not in above)

This month we focus on indoor environmental quality (IEQ).  The IEQ section of LEED-EBOM looks at issues that have the potential to enhance the indoor environment and optimize interior spaces for building occupants. 


IEQ issues include:

  • Provide daylighting and views: daylighting reduces the need for electric lighting and space cooling.  Daylighting and views also positively impact employee productivity. 
  • Utilize green cleaning: many cleaning products contain chemicals that can be toxic to human health as well as cause long-term environmental problems.  Green cleaning seeks to reduce or eliminate these chemicals, as well as use advanced equipment to collect more dirt and dust.  Practicing green pest management can also reduce human and environmental exposure to pesticides.  
  • Managing air contaminants: protecting indoor environments from contaminants is part of maintaining a healthy workspace.  Contaminants include tobacco smoke, carbon dioxide, and particulate matter in the air such as lint, dirt, carpet fibers, etc. 
  • Improving ventilation: poor indoor air quality can cause illnesses, which negatively affects employee attendance and productivity.  

All of our buildings provide ample natural light for daylighting and views; at 234 Florida, a generous  90% of the spaces have daylighting and views!   All of our buildings are cleaned "green", utilizing sustainable cleaning products and equipment such as vacuums outfitted with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, and micro-fiber dustcloths...both of which pick up more dust and dirt than traditional equipment.  We recently used simple sticky traps to catch spiders at one of our buildings, rather than going the pesticide route.  Finally, all of our buildings are smoke-free inside and in most cases, outside (no smoking within 25 feet of an entrance or air intake).


Questions?  Comments?  We welcome your involvement!


Next month we will look at innovation. 




Welcome to The Mayer Building and crown jewel of the Third Ward, Vandewalle & Associates! As masters of economic positioning, planning and design, Vandewalle & Associates strives to create places that remain vibrant - economically, environmentally, and socially. The firm's Milwaukee studio is a dynamic workshop focused on rebuilding Great Lakes coastal cities. Jolena Presti, AICP, Principal and head of the Milwaukee team says, "I am excited about the direction our Milwaukee office is taking. Our move to The Mayer Building allows us to expand our office space as we continue to expand our scope of work in the region."  


Green Tips


Tip #1:  

For every ten degrees F the temperature of a water heater is lowered, you can save 3% to 5% in energy costs. Heaters often come set at 140 degrees F by the manufacturer, but this can be lowered to 120 degrees F with no significant loss in heating ability. 


Tip #2: 

Install timers to shut off water heaters at night - per the EPA, this can save 5% to 12% of heater energy consumption. 


Neighborhood Close-Up:  Water Buffalo


Get to the corner of Buffalo and Water Streets, walk west to the river, and you're ready for a great lunch or dinner.


Water Buffalo offers American and upscale comfort food and drinks in a modern, smoke free environment.


Some menu highlights include:


For starters - Shrimp Ceviche, Honey Roasted Tomato Bruschetta, Lobster & Fennel Fritters, Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna

Sandwiches - Grilled Ahi Tuna, Pulled Pork, BLT, Pan-Fried Cheese, Salmon Burger, Black Bean Burger, Braised Short Rib

Entrees - Baked, Stuffed Salmon, Italian Eggplant, Open-Faced Lobster Ravioli, Sauteed Sea Scallops, Beef Tenderloin Kabob, Over Roasted Chicken, Beef & Sausage Lasagna, Kansas City Strip Steak


...and of course a Friday Fish Fry with Champagne-battered cod.


Water Buffalo

249 N. Water Street

(414) 431-1133



Daily: 11:00am - 5:00pm 


Sun - Thurs: 5:00pm - 10:00pm Fri and Sat 5:00pm - midnight