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The Mayer 

342 North Water Street

Milwaukee WI, 53202



234 Florida 

234 Florida St.

Milwaukee, WI 53202


The Saddlery 

233 N. Water St.

Milwaukee, WI 53202




100-202 E. Capitol Dr. 

Milwaukee, WI 53212

Pieper Properties eNews

Spring is slowly but surely coming to Milwaukee!  


Be sure to read about our Electronics Recycling Program this month. We've made it simple to get rid of those old electronics without even leaving the building, and help the environment at the same time!  


Let us know your thoughts and suggestions about our properties. We're here to take care of your work environment. Just click here to send an email to me or Leanne, our Property Manager.   


If you like, you can easily share this newsletter just buy clicking on the Forward Email link on the bottom left. 


Ann Pieper Eisenbrown 


LEEDing the way to high performance and sustainability


Are you familiar with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)? It is the United States' preeminent program for the design, construction and operation of high performance buildings.  234 W. Florida has achieved a Silver certification for its Core and Shell (CS) design and construction, and all of our office buildings are registered for Existing Building Operations & Maintenance (EBOM) certification.  While we are proud of the CS certification, the EBOM certifications will also show that we operate our buildings sustainably, every day, as we have for many years.   


LEED-EBOM evaluates a building within the context of seven areas; this month we focus on Site Sustainability.  Site Sustainability addresses the environmental concerns related to landscape, hardscape, and exterior building management practices.  Implementing sustainable, long-term site maintenance practices is especially important because environmental damage to a site may take years to remediate.   For instance, 234 Florida has native plants, which require less maintenance and irrigation, and fewer or no chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  234 Florida also has a light-colored parking lot, reducing the urban heat island effect.  All of our buildings require low VOC paints and sealants on the exterior (contributing to better air quality), and Green Seal certified window-washing solutions (reducing chemical runoff).  In addition, all of our buildings are easily accessible via public transport, and offer bike racks as well as on-site or nearby shower facilities (options that reduce transportation emissions). Lastly, while our urban buildings have little or no green space and open habitats, we are exploring an exciting "off-site" option in another part of our city to help preserve an open habitat and promote native vegetation.  Questions?  Comments?  We welcome your involvement!


Next month we will look at water efficiency.


Welcome to The Mayer Building, Carroll & McDonald!    


 Carroll & McDonald, LLC is a law firm focusing on employee rights and small business litigation.     



Pieper Properties Electronics Recycling

Every year, in honor of Earth Day, we encourage you to properly dispose of any used electronics by placing them in designated places in your building.  We are also happy to come directly to your offices if you have several pieces to dispose of.  Just give us a call at 414.220.9870 or email Leanne, our property manager.  We will collect all the used electronics and take them to the proper recycling facility.  Here's where to place your used electronics:


The Mayer  - basement level, directly across from elevator

The Saddlery  - outside garbage room, to the left of the doors

234 W. Florida - next to toner/print cartridge recycling shelf by trash dumpsters

Neighborhood Close-Up:  INdustri Cafe 

Just open a couple months, INdustri Cafe is the newest addition to the 2nd Street restaurant and bar row.  


A friendly atmosphere in a renovated loft-like interior, INdustri menu choices are modern and casual, and prices are moderate.  


Starters such as Cucumber Sliders and Cognac Wild Mushroom Gratin set the tone for their unique menu. They offer daily soups (the Corn Chowder with Applewood Bacon is great), and have a good selection of salads.  


Main courses range from updated comfort food like Braised Angus Short Ribs, Pan Seared Rosemary Chicken Breast with Sweet Corn Fritters, and Stout Beer Braised Corned Beef Hash and Eggs to more diet conscious and vegetarian dishes such as Artichoke and Wild Mushroom Pot Pie, and PB and J Sandwich made with cashew butter.


They have desserts, drinks and wines in addition to a large selection of non-alcoholic mixed drinks and juices. 


INdustri Cafe 

524 S. 2nd St. 




Sunday - Wednesday 11AM - 10PM
Thursday 11AM - 11PM
Friday 11AM - 1AM
Saturday 11AM - 1AM


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