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Newsletter: Volume 1, Issue 3    July 2010
Disc Savealls - Some Quick Facts
A. The Cover - Some choices
   1. Poly.  Least expensive, great wear, easy to handle.
   2. Kynar-The hard service cover.  Great for high pH, high temp spots. 
       Boilout with caustic? This is cover for your application.  More expensive than Poly.
   3. SS - Can be a great cover but it is a bit fussy.  Expensive. Not easy to change.    
B. What is the Goal?
    1. Save stock - Use a poly cover if you can.
    2.  Save stock and get the best water quality.  Use poly if you can.
    3. Go to Kynar if conditions warrant.
C.   Why do covers fail?
    1. Normal failure. A Saveall running at 3 RPM will "breathe in and out" 1.5 million times a year.  A lot of flexing as the vacuum comes on and is then released.
   2. Mechanical failure of a shower pipe will cause a "wipe out" of covers and most times the sector or several discs of sectors.
   3. Stock build up at the discharge point.  Wears against the cover. 
   4. High consistency in vat will contribute to surface wear and "creep and release" of sector cover.
D. Best practices.
    1. Frequent inspections, 2. Good operating cleaning and peeling showers, 3. Properly installed sectors.
E. Troubleshooting Disc Savealls.
Visit the Library at www.spgspg.com for Fred Emmerling's article on Troubleshooting.

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After Hours
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 The last word
"A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way."
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