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Newsletter: Volume 1, Issue 2     May 2010
Bowed Rolls - Some Quick Facts
By the Numbers:
A.How many bearings in a Bowed Roll?
    Take the diameter of the roll in inches and subtract one and the fraction
    and divide it into the face length (part with the sleeve) of the roll. Bowed
    Rolls for the Paper mill come in diameters of 5 1/8", 6 1/4", 7 1/8", 10 1/2"
    and 13 1/4".
    Example: a 7 1/8" diameter roll with a 200" face will have about 33 
    bearings. (200/6). 
B.Repair/recover cost comparison? 
    Type of Roll:               Repair/Recover Cost            Expected Life
    7 1/8" Bowed Roll          $12,000                          5 years
    10 1/2" Bowed Roll        $24,000                          5 years  
    Felt Roll                       $21,000                          15 years 
This Month's Survey Question:
    Do you really need a Bowed Roll in your PM?
Time out for a word from our sponsors
   We make and repair all models of Bowed Rolls from 1" OD to 10.5" OD.
   We make new rolls and recover all non-nipped roll positions.
   Visit us at www.spgspg.com.
Health and Safety 
    Cancer... The Big C word. The great news is that research is bringing new
    cures to the picture. The not so good news: can the front line medical
    people keep abreast of the advances. Here are three websites where
    patients and families can become an active participant in the medical
    treatment. PatientsLikeMe.com, ACOR.org and ArmyofWomen.org. Full
    article is in Time Magazine Feb8,2010.
After Hours
     Like Books on Tape? Go here to download Audio Books directly to your MP3
    player. http://librivox.org/newcatalog/. This site is free.
The last word
    "Every customer is valuable, and they're even more valuable today because
     there are fewer of them."
        - Ron Frasch, Chief Merchant of Saks Fifth Avenue on improving service. 
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