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Newsletter: Volume 1, Issue 1     April 2010
Shower Nozzles and Wet Felts - Quick Facts
By the Numbers:
A.How much does it cost to dry paper?
    Relative cost of water removal: (Richard Reese, Solutions! April 2006.)
    Former          Press           Dryers
    $0.014/T       $0.019/T     $22.00/T
B.How much water?? 
    The wet felts see 250 tons of water for every 100 tons of paper produced
    every day. (Based on 20% solids off the couch and 40% solids into the dryers)
C. lb of contaminated in the water??
    Contaminate level
    PPM in water       100 ppm           150 ppm             200 ppm
    lb/day/ton             50 lb                 75 lb                 100 lb
    At 500 t/d the daily contaminate level in the water can approach the weight
    of the wet felts.
D. Shower Nozzles help keep Wet Felts Clean
    Shower nozzles cost about $10 to $20 each.   
This Month's Survey Question:
    Are ruby needle jet nozzles worth the exta price?
Time out for a word from our sponsors
   We make all types of Showers and Shower nozzles.
   Visit us at www.spgspg.com.
Health and Safety 
    Warmer weather and long outage days bring on the danger of dehydration 
    (more serious than most of us recognize). Quick check to make sure you are
    OK -- The color of your urine. Drink enough of fluids to keep it pale yellow.
After Hours
     Looking for people with similar interests? Try www.meetup.com. Sounds
    like another dating site, but not so. Hiking, food, and car groups near you
    can be found at this site.
The last word
    "Always do right. this will gratify some people and astonish the rest"
          - Mark Twain
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