march 2012

I can't believe it's already March!  Time is flying by and makes me wish I had a mental camcorder so that I can remember all the hilarious things my kids say and do, the things they do that I am sure one day I will find funny, and the things they do that bring a wonderful pain to my heart because it is so sweet.

Then we are together for a week during Spring Break.  It's not the time together that makes me ready for school to restart, it's the need for rest after that week.  I have a lot of energy....thanks to work outs and caffeine, yet, still, Spring Break wears me out.  It's different than summer, too, don't you think?  In the summertime, we have three months to complete our agenda.  During Spring Break we have seven days, and seven days of "What are we going to do next?  Mom, I'm bored....what do you think I should do?  Can we go to park/movies/picnic/amusement park/hike/restaurant/museum/arts and crafts/roller rink/ice rink/beach/mountains/Disney World/horseback riding/rock climbing/sleepover?"

But then they head back to school and we have seven days of memories, fun, photos, videos, scrapbook fodder, and we look back and laugh.  And to celebrate the seven days of high-octane spring fling fun, we will offer a couple of sales for you.  Please read below to find out what's offered!

Enjoy your Spring Break and remember to take your vitamins.  It's a wonderful time of year!

The Beck Family 

spring break boredom
discount on boredom busters 

Enter code BOREDOM at checkout to receive 15% off our boredom spinner, Mom, I'm bored idea cards, Table Topics to Go (both Road Trip and Kids) cards.  Now through March 16th!

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recipe boxes  
One thing that is important to remember when we are assigning chores to the chore sticks, is to keep it's what I mean:  chores aren't always about cleaning; our goal is to teach our children how to live independently.  So go through your weekly routine and think about what you, at some point in your life, had to learn to do.  When I did that as I was assigning chores to my kids' chore sticks, I immediately remembered having to learn to cook.  I was THE WORST.  My college roommates can attest to how badly I hacked a meal.  I was EXCELLENT at making "Suddenly Salad" and my BFF's grandmother had taught me how to make some ROCKIN' deviled eggs.  Otherwise, I was horrible.  I once made cookies for science class that did not, in fact, call for 1/2 cup of salt and 2 tsp of sugar, but the reverse, actually.  Gag.

So I did learn, and thanks to the patience of my husband during our dating and early married years, I can at least look up a fantastic recipe online and make it.  Go me.  I have decided to teach my kids how to cook, and I try to make it as fun as possible for them.  So we let them occasionally experiment (hence the marshmallow chocolate cookie lumps that Claire invented).  During a more relaxed summer, we have the kids team cook once a week, which includes choosing a recipe, making a grocery list, going grocery shopping, cooking the meal, and plating it (check out our video in this newsletter of the girls cooking dinner last summer!) 

The girls also have their own recipe boxes that they can collect their favorite recipes or write down their yummy inventions.  The boxes are lucite, include front and back personalized cards, 5 tab dividers, and 48 personalized recipe cards.  You can choose from many designs, fonts, and colors.   Personalized recipe cards available without the box if you prefer!
fisherkids in the community...
check out the miller girls!

Aubrey, Sydney, and Brooke Miller (Aledo, Texas) are learning to cook!  They planned the menu and made dinner for the family!  The girls even made the centerpiece for dinnertime.  Love!


a big ol' sale
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We are running a sale from March 26 through March 30 only.  The five-day sale will be fisherkids products only.  (Please allow extra time for any personalized items!)  We will remind you via social media, as well as another newsletter reminder.  We are offering quite a big discount, but we can only offer it for five days!  Shipping ranges from 8.00 - 16.00 depending on how much you order and where you live.    Please post, tweet, add, email, forward, and Morse code our sale to all your friends!   Enter code BIGSALE2012 at checkout between 03.26-03.30 to receive the discount.

Please tell your friends!

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We are asked daily by email and phone calls whether or not we are participating in any flash sales, online group discounts, etc.  We did, indeed, participate in several such sales in 2011.  Our 2011 marketing plan was based on such advertising...getting our products in as many people's hands as possible within the fiscal year.  We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to offer these discounts more often, or even to permanently lower our price, but we simply can't do it and expect to stay open for business.  There are many small businesses that are suffering for it, closing their doors, or failing to grow due to the perceived need to participate in such deeply discounted sales.  During such a depressed economic climate, we are all searching for the best deal possible, and we want you to know that we honor this by offering sales when we can, and pricing our products as low as we can. 

You are very important to us.  It is only from your support and referrals that we have grown.  We are expanding our product line in 2012 and look forward to serving your family.

Thank you!

on sale until 03.31
personalized self-inking stampers

black border stamper 20% off until 03.31.12 
new for sale
magnetic pegboard

We have had many requests to sell just the magnetic pegboard for use in all areas of the home: the laundry room (organize the cleaning supplies), the pantry (organize the cooking utensils), the  workshop, the mudroom, kids' study area, and on and on.  So they are now for sale, at least for another couple of months.  You can order them here through paypal or you can order them in our online store by clicking on the image above.  Each pegboard comes with 5 hooks, but you can order more in our online store.

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