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back to school 2011


It's time again!  Either {wahoo!} or {boo-hoo!} as your baby heads off to school for yet another 9 months of routine.  So that's our keyword this month: ROUTINE.   We have defcon1 day in our house every August when the kids start back to a normal school-year schedule to practice for the real deal.  So they get up at what their circadian rhythms tells them  is the crack of dawn and go to bed so early that the sun is still shining through their windows.  Meanwhile, Greg & I relax on the couch to enjoy a quiet evening of pure Netflix joy.


And so it begins.  The lackadaisical days of the summer are behind us and the school-year begins.  We erase our summertime fisherkids boards and fill in new responsibilities, new calendars, and new goals, with renewed motivation. {Okay, so the kids aren't quite as excited as I am, but a change of pace is good for us all!} The first day of school is one of our favorite days of the year....we make bearcat paw-shaped pancakes (our town's mascot), have chalkboard placemats , have special lunches packed, a special dinner after school, and red "apple" balloons all over the place.  Some of my favorite pictures are first day pictures....getting off the school bus, holding new lunchboxes, and wearing the only cute outfit they will probably wear all year.  


first day of school


 So since our company was founded to promote family time, family unity, and family memories, let's make the first day of school a wonderful memory.  So stock up on apples and hand sanitizer.....the 2011-2012 school-year is upon us!


Here's to a healthy, organized, memorable year,



Speaking of Routine...
Family Mealtime 

table manners I am slightly obsessed with making family dinnertime memorable.  I love it and I cherish it.  I have learned so much from and about my kids (and my kids' friends...) as we talk around the table together.  We have laughed outrageously (much to the chagrin of my husband who prefers a peaceful conversation), had complete breakdowns over something that happened at school, and shared some stories that I fear we may not have otherwise heard.  Although they don't always practice it, our children are at least keenly aware of table manners, they know how to set a table, and they know that this special few minutes to an hour is set aside just for our family.  We do dine by candlelight, and we use nice servingware.  It is an event that is a tradition for us. 

But tap the brakes a bit.....we don't sit down to the family dinner table every single night.  Sundays are reserved for family tea with extended family (recall from previous newsletters that my mom and nana are British!), and of course some weeks are so busy that we are lucky to get in a bowl of cereal.  But that is truly the exception and sitting around the table together is the rule.  We unplug from it all (no electronics and no answering the phone when it rings) and enjoy each other. 

It may be easier to make breakfast your family mealtime and if you have older *busier* children, it may be easier to just set aside one or two nights for dinner together.  But as I have said before, it is the expectation that this is quality time together that is important.  Your children might be allowed to bring someone with them, for example, but they are expected to be there.  Make it fun, make it memorable, and make them want to be there.

So we have dedicated several newsletter articles in the past to this topic, and now we have dedicated several product lines in our store just to help you make this a fun time for your family.  Check out our products in the right-hand column of this newsletter that are geared to enjoying mealtime with your family.


(try this back to school centerpiece

for your table this month!) 

As always, thank you.  We are humbled by your support.




Jennifer Beck


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