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Fisherkids Newsletter.....April 2011


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We are often asked if our system is appropriate for children with learning differences.  We will let our customer, Lisa, in Kentucky answer that question...



"Hello! I got my box this afternoon, and I have already set it up! I have 4 kids that are 8,6,5, & 4. My oldest child is Autistic. He really understood the system tonight and was excited to help me set it all up. We have always had the visual supports for him, like visual schedules, and behavior charts. Tonight he helped me cut out and laminate chore pictures to Velcro on the chore sticks. I would like to say I thought of that, But he actually said lets put our chore charts on the the sticks. I can't wait to order 2 more sets so they each have one!
Thought I would pass this on!
Thank you again!"



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SO MUCH FUN during family dinners!  We all know that one of the best ways to connect as a family is while eating together.  SO MAKE IT MEMORABLE!

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-President Obama has declared April to be National Financial Literacy Month.  Here is  a glimpse of the press release:


"Americans' ability to build a secure future for themselves and their families requires the navigation of an increasingly complex financial system.  As we recover from the worst economic crisis in generations, it is more important than ever to be knowledgeable about the consequences of our financial decisions.  During National Financial Literacy Month, we recommit to improving financial literacy and ensuring all Americans have access to trustworthy financial services and products."


Check out the press release in its entirety by clicking here!



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We are in the first edition of CRAVE Fort Worth!   


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What a joyful season we enjoy as Easter approaches!  The weather is [usually] beautiful, the flowers are blooming, the grass once again becomes a comfy carpet for picnics with our kids, and we feel the compelling need to be outdoors to appreciate all the beauty of our world.  How precious are these gifts! 


This is also a perfect season to begin to teach our children, or perhaps simply reinforce, the art of giving.  Teach WHY we give, teach HOW to give, and teach humility versus recognition for our altruism.  I find it so ironic that while giving we receive so much out of life.  Not the tangible rewards we so often seek, but in ways that take you completely by surprise.  This edition of our newsletter is dedicated to just that.  We have also decided to stuff the GIVE bags with five dollars for any order placed before April 20th (see details below).  How fun for your child to immediately reap the intrinsic reward of giving.  Watching your children give (and give humbly) is one of the greatest joys you can experience.  It truly takes your breath away.


Be joyful for each moment, and no matter what......Kiss your kids!





 We need your school!

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As summer approaches, we are wanting to provide discount codes to family-based institutions like schools, churches, PTAs, moms-day-out groups, etc.  We will create a discount code specifically for your school, send you promotion flyers to send home with students, and you will personally receive a coupon worth 50% off anything in our store.  We want to spread the word and you are our most important asset!  We do have to have permission from the principal/leader of the institution, so we will need to have their contact information.  Once approved, we will send you the packet of flyers!  Thank you for your help. 


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success story from wisconsin

art of giving

Thank you Jennifer...  I am so looking forward to giving this gift to my brother & sister!!  Your system has worked tremendously with our son!!  It teaches him responsibility, respect & independence much like a job...if he doesn't do what's expected...he suffers the consequences & doesn't get paid the full wages expected!! 


And one thing I am totally surprised at...his giving bag!!  Normally we use that for tithe at our church, but sometimes he will say..."Mom I want to give that to a kid at school that can't buy lunches" or "there's a friend of his that can't pay for a field trip"!  Normally we would not take this out of his fund...but we have learned, that it's important for him know the dollars that you give out of your own money....feels a whole lot better than the dollars you receive!



Delavan, Wisconsin 

blogging about giving

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Click on the image above to read our blog about teaching your children charity.  You will first see part two, but part one is just below that....
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Click on the image above to read more about teaching your children how and why to give.

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Thank you again for all of your support.  Every order is a compliment and encouragement to continue helping families around the country.




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