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Happy New Year!  I know this newsletter comes to you as we are already used to writing 2011 on our checks, but Happy New Year nonetheless!  With the holidays successfully behind us, it's time to contemplate our routine (I despise the term "resolutions"!).  We often tend to focus on our own routine...exercise more, stress less, stay on a budget, get organized.  This year, perhaps we can consider our children in our New Year reflections....tell them we love them more, yell "Hurry up!" a bit less, and teach them more responsibility.  Throughout the year, our newsletters will focus on different aspects of the three learning spheres of our system: independent living, accountability, and financial responsibility.  We have several promotions lined up for 2011 as well, so if you know anyone who is interested in purchasing our system, forward our emails to them so they can receive discounts whenever possible.

Enjoy this time of year....aside from flu season, this is quite a wonderful time of year :).

Kiss your kids,

success story from colorado

guinea pig

Hi Jennifer,  


I had to tell you about how the fisher board helped with this little success:


In June Avery decided she really wanted guinea pigs, to which I said NO. I'm not paying for anymore pet stuff (she already has a very expensive to feed 18 inch lizard:)  She asked how much it would cost and we went all around the pet store adding up how much it would cost to get all the stuff.  I end it with "Avery, if you want to save $100 you can get your guinea pigs."




She got on such a mission for the rest of the summer with chore sticks. I remember one week she made $8.50.  Then she decided to put on her own garage sale, which she took a week organizing and pricing her stuff (she made $17).  She kept an extra little chart shaped like a thermometer and every time she made more money she colored in the chart and put the money in it.  Then she started taking her money to the real bank so she wouldn't be tempted.  (She dipped into it one time for $1.50 to buy a couple things at another neighbors' garage sale.)  Anyway, last week she hit $105 ~ so she's now the owner of two very cute guinea pigs from a rescue here in town. And I taught her about buying used stuff, so she still has $20 left over.


Even if I have to take care of 2 large rodents for the next 6 years, I figure it's worth it for the life lesson I hope she got from it :-)


Thanks for helping to inspire it!! 



Lakewood, CO

motivation ideas


We often hear from our customers that their children were so excited and engaged by the fisherkids system that they immediately completed all the chores in the bin right away.  That's fantastic!  HOWEVER.....we all know that motivation fades and the "charm" of teaching responsibility will soon become  much less charming.  That said, this is something that must continue until our children are teaching their own children, so how do we motivate our kids?

Remember that our children are miniature versions of ourselves.  So instead of racking your brain to think what motivates children, think about what motivates you.  Here are some ideas from our customers to motivate your children to complete their chores.

1)  Make a savings thermometer.  Put a picture of what your child is saving for at the top of a thermometer and every pay day, (s)he can color the mercury a little bit higher. 

2)  Take a picture at the store of your child holding what (s)he is saving money to buy.  This is also extremely helpful when impulse shopping happens!  Our three year old is saving for yet another Superman toy and this Christmas, he decided he was not going to survive if he didn't have a Pez that was in the checkout aisle.  I showed him the picture on my phone of him holding the Superman toy and it worked!  He said he couldn't wait to get the Superman!

3)  Give raises in commission.  Let your children know what you will be looking for to determine when a raise is to be given.  This works especially well when your children are saving for something in particular.

4)  For the responsibilities that we don't pay for but simply expect them to do as part of the family team, try something reinforcing like the family MVP of the day/week/etc.  Make an award of some sort that would be meaningful to the family, or simply a toast to the MVP at dinner.  It's amazing how far positive reinforcement goes!

5)  Try contests!  For example: have a perfect week and double the commission; do everything expected without reminders and pick out a game for a spontaneous family game night.....the possibilities are endless.  We all get bored with too much routine, so spice it up!
thank you grafitti


Thank you again for all of your support.  Every order is a compliment and encouragement to continue helping families around the country.




jennifer beck