What the heck is "Chuckapalooza?"  It's a birthday celebration in honor of my late father, Charlie.  My Dad was one of my most fervent supporters, and shortly after he passed away, I was able to deliver my first sale.  Since then, we have been phenomenally well-received, and this is a way I can thank my Dad for his unrelenting support and excitement for our mission.  I am hopeful that this will allow a few of you to take
advantage of a temporarily lower price on our responsibility stations, and as always, please contact me with any questions.  Please forward this on to two thousand of your closest friends and cannot possibly know how much we appreciate and value your support!

And on February 28th, please raise your glasses to the Great Charlie Butts...


Jennifer Beck
fisherkids, llc
Responsibility Station
Magnetic Nameplate
Lunch Packer Checklist
Consequence Spinner
fisherkids responsibility station
full system
Our goal is to help parents raise responsible, independent children... Our system is an organized way to teach household responsibility, accountability, and financial responsibility.  And it all hangs on a fabulous magnetic pegboard that will look great in any home (plus your friends will think you are oh, so organized!)

Our Price:
List Price: $65.00
S & H: ***$12.00 (pick-up available if within the Dallas/Fort Worth area!)
***we are discounting shipping and handling for this sale, so you will pay $12.00 shipping and handling no matter how many kits you buy! 

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Also On Sale

Magnetic Nameplate

 This is a great way to give your child
more ownership of their station.  We have
lots of fonts, designs, and colors to choose
from.  To customize the nameplate, purchase
it first, then send me an email with your
choices from the images below.  Let me know
if there is an add-on you would like that isn't
listed and I will see what I can do for you!
Our Price: $5.00
List Price: $8.00
S & H: $2.00
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fonts and colors 

Lunch Packer Checklists

If you own the fisherkids responsibility station, and one of the chore sticks is to pack lunch, this is a GREAT tool to have ready for your child.  It teaches proper nutrition while they prepare their lunchbox for school the next day.  On one side is a checklist of what to pack, and on the other side is education about food choices, serving sizes, etc.  We hang ours in the pantry next to lunch boxes, and now we don't have to stand over their shoulder as they pack lunches.  (Please let me know by email if there are any modifications you need for food restrictions, allergies, etc. and I will do my best to accomodate your requests.)
Our Price: $10.00
List Price: $12.00
 S & H: $2.00
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 lunch packer

Consequence Spinner

 We were so bad at coming up with spur-of-the-moment consequences for the "If....then...." trials and tribulations of parenting, that we came up with the idea of the consequence spinner.  We added a grace space, since we are also teaching our children to be gracious little humans, and there is grace in parenting as well!  You fill in the blank spaces (we've filled them in here for example) and whenever you deem necessary, your child spins for their consequence. 
Our Price: $12.00
List Price: $15.00
S & H: $3.00

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 consequence spinner border

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