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Exciting News About the "Heartland" Book of Mormon Geography Model of North America!

Touring America's Heartland



 Have you been wondering what it would be like to visit the sacred sites of America's Heartland? This email will help you learn what its like to go on a "Heartland" tour!

We just returned from our week long "Heartland Mounds Tour" with a wonderful group of fellow travelers.  The experiences and knowledge gained through visiting these actual ancient sites and museums is tremendous. Those participating have without exception called this the most enjoyable, spiritually uplifting and mentally rewarding tour they have even experienced.  See the Tour Gallery HERE

I invite you to consider the blessing of being able to so easily visit these sacred sights. You don't need a passport (unless joining from other countries), you don't have to worry about tainted food or water, or be concerned about your security, or need an armed guard (as was the case in Cairo, Egypt in May).  You'll experience some sites that are known Book of Mormon sites, such as the Hill Cumorah, Zelph's Mound and the Nephite altar at Adam-ondi-Ahman and other probable sites such as Zarahemla, the temple in Bountiful and the Waters of Mormon. 

Those who have participated on these tours have come away with a deeper sense of the reality of the ancient prophets, their lands and their lifestyles.  They have seen with their own eyes the ancient fortifications, the breastplates and headplates, the metal weapons and tools of everyday life among these ancient peoples.  They've climbed massive earthen mounds and hiked through the forested canopy which has overtaken the former embankments and ridges - as cast up by the Nephites for protection against their enemies, the Lamanites. Read their own words about their experience on Alan Osmond's tour webpage or on the Legacy Travel testimonials website

We've marveled together atop the temple mound of the largest ceremonial complex in North America and discussed the Plan of Salvation - as only Latter-day Saints know it - which is encoded into the mighty Newark, Ohio earthworks.  This four square mile series of geometric embankments makes this the largest temple complex on earth...even today!  While there, we reverently read the third Nephi account of Christ's visit to his people here in America...their covenant promised land.  There has hardly been a dry eye as we contemplated the sacred grounds, the miracle and majesty of it all.

So many have expressed a desire to visit these sacred sites.  I would encourage you to consider not putting this off any longer.  The future of our nation is at a crossroads and no one knows what that future may bring.  There may never be a better opportunity to visit these sacred lands of America's Heartland.  As your personal tour guide I promise to make this the most rewarding experience ever for you.  Please consider coming with me to experience the wonder of the Heartland of North America.  These are truly sacred lands.    


Rod L. Meldrum - President  

Experience a "Heartland" Tour through the eyes of Alan & Suzanne Osmond!
Alan & Suzanne Osmond- Read Alan Osmond's Web Pages...Below!   
 - Osmond's Visit The Great Octagon Earthworks In Newark, Ohio!

- Osmond's First Day Tour Experiences!

- Second Day Tour Explorations!

- In the Words of Fellow Tour Members!

- Final Days of Osmond's Awesome Tour!

There Are a Few Seats Left for the October 2012 Church & Book of Mormon History Tour!


Oct Tour Group, Kirtland Temple
Kirtland Temple, click to watch tour members tell of their experiences and feelings about the tour!

 Call Legacy directly at 801-683-0123 or go to their website at  

Come Tour With Us, Call Today!
On this tour you will be experience both Church History and Book of Mormon History! 

You'll be seeing...
- The Sacred Grove - Hill Cumorah - Alvin Smith's Grave - Grandin Press - Smith Farm - Whitmer Farm - Kirtland Temple - Kirtland Visitors Center - Johnson Farm - The Newark Holy Stones - The Great Circle (temple in Bountiful?) - The Great Octagon - Mound City - Fort Hill - Seip Mound - Serpent Mound - Fort Ancient - Miamisburg Mound - Zelph's Mound - Carthage Jail - Nauvoo Temple & Visitors Center - Old Nauvoo - St. Louis Arch - Cahokia Museum - Stone Fort - Big Spring (Waters of Mormon) - Independence Visitors Centers - New Jerusalem - Liberty Jail - Far West - Adam-ondi-Ahman.

You will see, first hand... original copy of the Book of Mormon, museums with ancient headplates, breastplates, stones with Hebrew writing as well as artifacts of stone, pottery and metal (copper & silver).  You walk the lands once walked by Joseph Smith and Moroni and other modern and ancient prophets. You'll learn about ancient earthworks with ditches and earthbanks and palisades of timbers, or fortifications and geometric earth banks using Egyptian measurements and oriented to lunar alignments.  The bottom line is you will see more sacred history than on any other tour on any other land.  This is the original promised land where Adam and Eve first began the human race on earth, where the gospel was restored, where the New Jerusalem will be built and where everything is going to end as Christ returns in his glory and receives the returned keys of the priesthood.  You are invited to come and participate in this one of a kind tour! 

To Learn More click HERE! 



Oct. 7-20 Ultimate 13-Day LDS Church History

                & Book of Mormon Lands of America's

                Heartland "Fall Leaves" Tour


Update on Picture Book 3rd Reprinting   

We would like to thank you for your overwhelming support in making the 2nd printing of Exploring the Book of Mormon in America's Heartland such a success.  Nearly all the 5,000 copies have been purchased in the past 3 months and the third printing will not arrive until mid Nov.  The 3rd edition is exactly the same as the 1st & 2nd editions. A hearty THANK YOU to all of you who have helped to make this one of the most sought after LDS books on Book of Mormon geography in years.  


 Watch the 30 second TV ad by clicking on the image below!   

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Costco Book Signings


Thursday, Sept. 13, 3-7 pm - Lehi, Utah  

198 North 1200 East 

Lehi UT 84043-2294 


Friday, Sept. 14, 3-7 pm - West Bountiful, Utah  

573 West 100 North 

West Bountiful UT 84010-7018 


Saturday, Sept. 15, 12-6 pm - Lehi, Utah  

198 North 1200 East 

Lehi UT 84043-2294 


Thursday, Sept. 20, 3-7 pm - West Valley, Utah  

3747 South 2700 West 

West Valley UT 84119-4903 


Thursday, Sept. 27, 3-7 pm - Orem, Utah  

648 East 800 South 

Orem UT 84097-6528 


Friday, Sept. 28, 3-7 pm - Murray, Utah  

5201 South Intermountain Drive 

Murray UT 84107-6024 


Saturday, Sept. 29, 12-6 pm - Sandy, Utah  

11100 S. Auto Mall Drive 

Sandy UT 84070-4171 


FIRM Conclusions          

Thank you all again for your marvelous help and support.  We are truly grateful for you and hope that you have found this information to be uplifting, exciting and helpful!  If you have any suggestions, comments or ideas, please let us know.  If you have an article you would like to submit to the FIRM Foundation's Research, Review and Editing Board, please contact us as well.  We are looking for well written articles on Book of Mormon subjects involving the Heartland Model geography. 


Your brother in the gospel,


Rod L. Meldrum

Foundation for Indigenous Research and Mormonism 

The FIRM Foundation
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Touring Book of Mormon Lands In North America 

Wayne May, touring BoM land in NA 
Thinking of Taking a Heartland Model Tour? 
Take a Video Tour First!

The Publisher of Ancient American magazine and renown Book of Mormon scholar Wayne N. May has been exploring the Heartland of North America for evidences of the Book of Mormon for decades.   


 Wayne May

Now you can have Wayne take you on a "private tour" of the sacred sites of the Book of Mormon  through incredibly stunning, beautiful photography and video work, that is the next best thing to being there!  This 70 minute  video will take you to many of the sites typically visited on our tours as well as several others inaccessible to the tours.  You'll even be the first to enjoy remote "helicopter" fly-overs of several of the mound structures! Take a trip and never leave the comfort of your own home!  Get your copy today so you can take others on the tour as well!      


Enjoy Unlimited Touring of Book of Mormon Lands  

in America's Heartland for

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    An Everlasting
Ensuring A Title To Liberty For the Promised Land 

by Bruce H. Porter!
An Everlasting Decree

Some say that it doesn't matter where the Book of Mormon took place.  However, if the Promised Land cannot be identified, then the associated restrictions, blessings, and responsibilities can also not be realized, nor can the prophecies and promises in the text become a moving force, as hoped for by the prophets who speak out of the dust.  The location of the Promised Land is significant and necessary for the spiritual security and temporal salvation of those who would dwell upon the land.    


 This is the followup book to Prophesies & Promises with answers to our Mesoamerica based critics.  

   - 332 pages, softcover


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Ancient Monuments of the

Mississippi Valley

by the Smithsonian Institute - 1849


Oversized drawings, maps and plates of the ancient works!

Ancient Monuments booklet
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This spiral bound over-sized book contains a complete set of 48 of the plates from the book, Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley by the Smithsonian Institution.  These reproductions have been enlarged 120% from the original size for greater detail.  They include such works as those of Newark, Chillicothe and Marietta, Ohio, the Great Circle & Octagon, Fort Ancient, Fort Hill, Serpent Mound, and "the Cross."
      - 50 pages, softcover


Only $9.95

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