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 January 24th Newsletter: Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Scotty McCreery & more NEW bios from ABDO
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Inside the Industry

Library Media Connection's review of Entertainment & Sports

"This series looks at a specific broad field, and breaks it down to specific jobs within the industry. The depth of coverage is good for elementary students and middle school students... 



Cool Stuff

Booklist's review of Cool Stuff for Reading & Writing 

"The Cool Stuff series presents a pretty irresistible package for those inclined to glue, paint, and pin. This volume addresses the readers, journalists, and poets out there who appreciate the authenticity and personalization that print provides by offering up to six different ways to snazz up those otherwise staid tools of writing: pens, notebooks, covers, and bookends. Colorful, inventive, and very doable."


Super Simple Exercise

Booklist's review of Super Simple Bend & Stretch 

"A cheerful introduction to some basic exercises."


Rotten School

Library Media Connection's  review of The Good, the Bad, and the Very Slimy: #3 & Dudes, the School is Haunted!: #7

"These re-bound and reissued titles from R.L Stine's series succeed in grossing out more than scaring the reader. Stine's funny and gross moments are a combination that is sure to get your reluctant readers excited (especially the boys). Stine's Goosebumps readers will enjoy the gross factor...This is a  good series to add to your collection! Recommended."

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Dear Friends,

Did you know that Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber videos have been watched more than 475 million times EACH on YouTube?

Our new set 8 of Big Buddy Biographies is part of our best-selling series on popular singers, sports stars, movie and TV stars, & more. Check out this season's lineup:

Justin Bieber Cover Image
Justin Bieber: Pop Music Superstar - A totally new book that covers the singer's life, his My World 2.0 tour and album, his hit 3-D movie Never Say Never, and his incredible Grammy performance.
Jennifer Lopez Cover Image
Jennifer Lopez: Famous Entertainer - American Idol's newest judge is also a mega-star of movies and music. Check out the story of Jenny from the block and her rise from dancing to pop stardom.
Bruno Mars Cover Image
Bruno Mars: Popular Singer & Songwriter - Bruno Mars started in the music biz by writing hit songs, and then made some hits of his own.
Scotty McCreery Cover Image
Scotty McCreery: American Idol Winner - The winner of last year's American Idol has an old-school country baritone voice in a teenager's body. His latest CD came out late last year. Sure to be a big hit with the girls in your library because they go crazy for this country dreamboat.
Rihanna Cover Image
Rihanna: Singing Sensation - One of the most popular hip-hop sensations ever, Rihanna is also known for her fashion and beauty. Her hard work and success in the music industry will inspire your young singers.
Justin Timberlake Cover Image
Justin Timberlake: Famous Entertainer - Movie star, pop star, and more - Justin Timberlake is known to kids for his comedy appearances on Nickelodeon as much as for his hit music.
Don't forget last fall's new titles, including books on Princess Kate Middleton and Prince William, pop stars Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, & dozens more Big Buddy Bios
Thanks for your interest in ABDO!


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Paul Abdo, Editor-in-Chief 

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