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This week's Tuesday Tutorial features Club Ruby Designer Projects and a scrapbooking layout using the September Club Ruby Kit.

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"I never feel age....if you have creative work, you don't have age or time"
~Louise Nevelson InStock  

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     This weekend I had a little extra time, and it happened to be a friend's birthday, so I decided to haul out all my crafting supplies and make a special card. And when I say haul... I mean haul. Unfortunately, we do not have extra space for a craft "room". Instead I have a craft "closet" and any time I want to do projects, everything gets dragged into the dining room, and the dinner table becomes my crafting space.

     It's not a fancy table by any means, but I still want it to look nice, so I usually find myself frantically using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser trying to get all the stains out before it's too late.Although this method has worked pretty well for me, it sure would be a lot easier if I just used the Bazzill Basics Splat Mat Sr. This big guy is 24 inches wide and 15 inches tall and is the answer to all my messiness. You can easily wipe away inks, paint, glitter and glue. Plus it withstands heat up to 500 degrees, so it's no match for hot glue, embossing tools and even wax!

Splat Mat Sr

       Be creative! At the recent CHA show, an employee even told me how his wife keeps one at the bottom of her oven for easy clean up! Now that's a versatile product! Thanks Splat Mat Sr!

Check out the Splat Mat in action here!

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