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     I'm a self-proclaimed Christmas-holic. I'm always the first one to start playing Christmas music, and feel that if stores can start putting up trees and decorations, then so can I! (even if it's only October...) But to think that it's halfway to Christmas is mind boggling even for me. Is it really the middle of 2011? Where did the time go?


Holiday Cricut Cartridges

     But you better not pout, and you better not cry, and I'll tell you why. Craft-e-Corner has all the supplies you need to be prepared for the holidays before the real....

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     Although your Cricut machine is easy to use, it has so many features that you are most likely not using them all. Here are some commonly overlooked functions that will help you master your machine and create unique and special projects for your family to enjoy in the years to come.

  • Center Point: This function is useful for cutting shapes around images on photographs or patterned paper. Move your cutting blade so it is over the center of the cut, and Press the Center Point Button. Make your character selection, press cut, and the machine will cut the character around the center point you chose.
  • Line Return: Create line breaks as if you were using the return or enter key on your keyboard! Select the first line of characters, press cut, select more characters and press the Line Return button, and press cut again.
  • Mix-n-Match: By using Mix-n-Match you can use multiple Creative Features in the same cut. Press the Mix-n-Match button, and then select your character followed by the corresponding Creative Feature key. Repeat that for all your characters and finally press cut!

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