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 Stamping Is A Big Deal With Fancy PantsProjects

 Especially When It Includes A Free Bonus Gift!   

     Melissa and I have the grueling task (or should I say "drooling" task) of researching all sorts of new  product ideas for Craft-e-Corner. We make a good team when it comes to this because our styles vary quite a bit. Melly, as I like to call her, prefers vintage browns, neutrals, and earth tones and makes very sophisticated layouts and wall décor.  I, on the other hand, am a princess who prefers everything be pink and/or sparkly. So on the rare occasion that the two of us find a product we both want to carry, we know it will be a hit with just about everyone, no matter what your personal taste is.

Fancy Pants 5          Fancy Pants 6

That's a true story about how the new Fancy Pants Designs Stamp Sets made it to our warehouse. You'll see from the photos that the stamps are cute, but what's hard to see is ...

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Cricut Instruction Manual

4 Steps To Help Save Craft Paper & The Environment 

      Wasting craft paper is bad for the environment, and it can also add up and put a dent in your bank account! Follow these three steps to help make sure your craft paper ends up on your project, and not in the garbage can. 

ˇ         Use your Paper Saver Button. When pressed, this key automatically rearranges your images to take up the least amount of space possible on your paper!

ˇ         Peel images off your mat slowly. A spatula tool is especially handy for lifting your cuts up, and will help ensure your paper doesn't rip when coming off the mat.

ˇ         Make use of your scraps. Place your scrap in the lower, left-hand corner of your mat. Then, use the arrow keys to move the blade so it is over the upper right-hand corner of your scrap. Next, press the Set Paper Size button. Your machine will now be able to cut within that area, making use of every inch of the paper.

ˇ         Remember to adjust the Speed, Pressure, and Blade Depth properly, according to the medium you are cutting, to achieve a perfect cut.

     For more information on adjusting your settings, refer to the Cricut Cutting Guide. This guide will help you get the cut right, the first time! There are over 500 cut settings on a wide variety of paper brands, fabrics and other cutting materials. Just look up the brand you are using, and you'll instantly know what settings to use!

Get a free printed guide with your purchase of the A to Z Cricut DVD. 

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