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       April Vol. 3 No. 7 
Just How Do I Use This Imagine Machine?New

Cricut Imagine A to Z DVD Can Teach You How  

     Did you splurge on the Cricut Imagine Machine, and now don't know what to do with it? Are you intimidated by all the amazing things it can do? Are you tired of having your machine collect dust and act as a paperweight?

     The Cricut Imagine A to Z DVD will come to your rescue! This DVD is hot off the press and was created by Megan Gravener, the author and host of best-selling DVDs Cricut A to Z and Gypsy A to Z.  She will educate and inspire you with her clear explanations and passion for crafting, and leave you feeling confident and ready to conquer your Imagine Machine while achieving amazing results. This 2 disc set is over 3.5 hours long, contains 20 lessons and 15 step-by-step projects. You'll learn everything from installing the blade to printing on fabric! Get the most out of your Imagine Machine investment, and buy the DVD today!

Click Here To Check Out The DVD's Trailer

Click Here To Check Out The DVD's Trailer

Quote of the Day
"If you really want something, and really work hard, and take advantage of opportunities, and never give up, you will find a way."  

~  Jane Goodall   
Today's Trivia Question
Which product is the newest addition to Craft-e-Corner's ever growing adhesive selections?

A. Solid Runner + Refill
B. Liquid Scrap Dots

C. Scotch ATG Glider
D. Quick-Dry Adhesive

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Trivia Question Answer: trivia

B. Liquid Scrap Dots

Helmar's Liquid Scrap Dots are the latest and greatest adhesive product which can help you create stunning 3-D effects.  Also keep an eye out for new adhesives coming soon. 

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Begin Creating Your Own Cards & Much More Going 

With The Yudu CardShop Anything Is Possible 

     Have you ever seen the original Yudu Screen Printing Machine? Its technical ability was great, but it was huge and difficult to clean. Well Provo Craft went back to the drawing board and used that same screen printing concept along with user friendly enhancements to make the Yudu CardShop. Although it's called a personal card screen-printer, the Yudu CardShop can make a lot more than cards. You can print on paper, canvas, fabric, and more! It does not require any batteries, or electricity, and is easier to use than you'd think. Just place your material on the mat, pick your pre-designed screen, and squeegee the ink from one end to the other. The maximum print size area is 5x7, which means it is much easier to clean because it will pretty much fit in any sink, but it's big enough for a variety of cards and projects.

     Sounds fabulous, right? Well almost. As I researched this product, I was really intrigued by the video. It looks rather easy to use, and I like that the result you get is a cross between a stamped image and an embossed one. However, it only comes with one pre-designed screen, and there are only 3 other ones you can purchase.  The screens that are sold separately actually include two screens in the package with a total of about 7 designs, and they are very cute and versatile. But do you really want to buy a machine when your image choices are that limited? I don't know...

     Knowing that many of you might feel this same way, I contacted Provo Craft and inquired if more screens were going to be released in the future. They advised that this was their intention, but that no specific designs or release dates were available.

Yudu Cardshop      There is also a blank screen available and I had the hardest time figuring out why. You cannot burn your own designs with the new CardShop machine. But if you have the original Yudu, you could use that to burn the blank screens for the CardShop.  I also read that you might be able to cut out designs using vinyl and use that as a stencil with the blank screen. That would really open up the world of possibilities for this new machine.

     As a crafter myself, I often go to my crafty friends when I have questions about a product. So I'm shouting out to all of you to let me know what you think of the Yudu CardShop! If you've purchased it from us, write a product review about it on our site so we can all see what you think! Let us know if you've tried using vinyl with the blank screen and how it turned out! Or check out our blog on Thursday when we'll post this article and open up discussion about it. (Or go to the Blog now, enter our giveaway for a Cricut Imagine Yummy Cartridge with Imagine sunglasses, and then check back on Thursday to see who wins while you comment on the Yudu!)

Its Almost Time For Children's Projects Projects

Keep Your Children Busy This Summer With Crafts   

      I hope you are as excited about The Art of Knitting 4 Kids Starter Kit as I am. There are a few things to love about it. First, it comes with the cutest little knitting needles. One is red and one is orange, so they are gender neutral, and they have smiley faces on them! Then there is the DVD which features a 7 year old "instructor" named Ryan who is just priceless. Lastly, there are the educational benefits such as hand/eye coordination and confidence building, and maybe more importantly it will give you the opportunity to craft while spending time with your child(ren)! I think all of you with little ones will appreciate that! Please keep in mind, each kit comes with varying colors of yarn (2 skeins 85 yards each), and this is recommended for ages 5+. Upon completion, your child will have his or her own knitted ball to play with! Also check out the Art of Crochet 4 Kids Starter Kit here

The Art Of Knitting 4 Kids Starter Kit 

Click here to watch The Art Of Knitting 4 Kids Starter Kit 

Help Your Fellow CrafterBlog 

We need your product reviews to help other crafter's get real input on specific products.  On any product page on, click the Reviews tab and rate a product (Only products that you have actually experimented with!).  Be as specific as possible and tell others what you did or didn't like about it.  We are trying to help give feedback to customer's to help in their purchasing decisions.

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