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      March Vol. 3 No. 6

Are You Ready to Make Your Own Cards? Going

123 Cards DVD Will Help Show You How

Can you believe how much store bought cards cost these days? You look and look, and when you finally find the perfect one, you check the price and almost faint. I mean, seriously, it's almost like the card is a gift in itself! And by the way, have you noticed that the trend in cards right now is to make them appear as if they were handmade?


Well thanks to Megan Gravener, the creator of your favorite Cricut and Gypsy A to Z instructional DVDs, and Daphne Shreiber, we won't have to go through this hassle anymore! Introducing  the 123 Cards DVD! This educational and inspiring video is almost 2 hours long and will teach you basic and advanced skills. Learn what tools you need, how to make pop-up cards, envelopes, and more! With 10 easy-to-follow lessons, and 25 cards shown, you're sure to find one that will make your friends and family feel extra special and loved.  Save your time, and start putting love instead of money into your cards!


123 Cards DVD

Quote of the Day
"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible."  

~  Arthur C. Clarke  
Today's Trivia Question
What kinds of projects does Craft-e-Corner feature in our Idea Gallery?

A. Scrapbook Pages
B. Birthday Cards

C. Party Supplies
D. All of the above

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Trivia Question Answer: trivia

D. All of the above 

Come visit our Idea Gallery to see beautiful projects created by you! If you would like to see your project in our idea gallery, share it with us.

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At Last! Use Fabric With Your Die-CutterNew

Silhouette SD Fabric Interfacing Is Finally Here

Your digital die cutting machine and fabric...ahhh...a match made in heaven. If you're ready to make birthday banners, custom wall décor, and personalized clothing, then you need to check this out! Silhouette has just released two Fabric Interfacing products! Simply iron the interfacing to your fabric, place it on the Silhouette cutting mat and feed it into your electronic cutter. Then iron your cutout design to your project and stitch or sew it in place. Although this much needed product was made by Silhouette, it can be used with your Cricut and other die cutting machines as well! Make lovely fabric pennants like the ones below with Sewable and Clean Cut Fabric Interfacing.

Silhouette SD Fabric Interfacing

So pull your sewing machine out of the closet and dust it off because you're going to be addicted to this new fabric embellishment trend!


Silhouette Fabric Interfacing 2

Click here to get details on how to make this project.

Never Replace Mats Again With The eCraft Projects

Check Out Our Expanding Design Card Selection

You didn't forget about the eCraft, did you? I know you all remember that it is the only digital die cutting machine that doesn't require a mat, can cut up to 11 ˝" wide by ANY length, and allows you to cut your own personal designs. But did you know we've taken note of how many of you are falling for this machine and therefore expanded your Image Card selection? Here's the new line up:


Banner Expressions - Name an occasion and you'll find it on this

image card! From traditional holidays to a simple You Did It!


Dress Up Dolls & Pets - Paper dolls have always been adorable. But when you dress up your paper cat or dog, I think everyone laughs!


Entertainment - This card is for all of you with drama queens, music lovers, and performers. *The End*


In Love - You'll find weddings and fairytales, flowers and more. This is one card you're sure to adore!

Ecraft Flower Bouquet

To see how the eCraft Machine works, click here. With the eCraft you can make many wonderful projects including this beautiful paper floral display. Start creating masterpieces today!

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This week's featured giveaway is for a sampling of Viva Decor products + Viva Decor White Wedding Celebration Tote Bag.

Craft-e-Corner Blog Giveaway


And that's not all, check back often for a chance to win other exciting prizes.

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