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      March Vol. 3 No. 4
More My Pink Stamper Sets! No Way! Going

10 New Stamp Sets For You  

You need to check out the 10 NEW stamp sets we received from My Pink Stamper. All My Pink Stamper stamps are clear, and can be mounted on any clear acrylic block, such as Rock-a-Blocks. You can see exactly where the stamp is being placed, and they are made of a high quality material that will last and last. These cute words and phrases will make the perfect addition to cards and scrapbook layouts. My Pink Stamper is a Cricut user, and many of her stamps will coordinate with your cartridges. However, all crafters, not just Cricut users, will find these stamp sets hard to resist. Once you start using these, it will be obvious that these stamps were made by a crafter, for crafters!  Check out the "You're a Deer" Card Project below to see the stamp sets in action.

My Pink Stamper Card Project

My Pink Stamper Card Project

Quote of the Day
"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."  

~  Ralph Waldo Emerson   
Today's Trivia Question
When was National Craft Month started?

A. 1968

B. 1974

C. 1989

D. 1994

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Trivia Question Answer: trivia
D. 1994

Created by the Craft & Hobby Association in 1994, it was designed to help people learn about and re-discover the joy of crafting and all its many benefits.  
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Sick Of Burning Your Fingers On Hot Glue? New

Hot Glue Gun Helpers To The Rescue

This kit is not just for hot glue users! You have to watch the video and I think you'll realize that this really is a must have for everyone. Here's what I love. The work mat is non-stick and heat resistant. You can literally squirt hot glue all over it and then just peel it off. This is awesome in itself, and then you learn that you can also peel off Mod Podge, craft paints, glitter glue, and more! Now that's what I'm talking about!  Use the finger caps (or one of the other versatile tools) to smear adhesive along ribbon without getting it all over your fingers. Every accessory is heat resistant which means you'll never burn yourself when handling hot glue, plus the tools will help keep the glue warmer longer, giving you more time to work with it. Check it out!  

Hot Glue Gun Helpers In Action

Hot Glue Gun Helpers In Action

Viva Decor Creates Unique Looks & Textures Projects

High-Quality Effects You Can Make Yourself

Wait until you see what Viva Décor products can do for your projects.  Don't be fooled by their non-flashy appearance. Each of these products is extremely unique and high quality. Here's a highlight of a few products that are sure to become some of your favorites!

Here are a few of our favorites:

Viva Decor Peal Pens
Viva Decor Peal Pens

Emboss Your Projects With Cuttlebugsmakeover

The Easiest Way To Emboss Starts Here 

There are many ways to emboss out there and they are all very different, so it's easy to understand why you might get confused when someone uses the word "emboss". So let me start by explaining that the Cricut Cuttlebug Companions Embossing Folders emboss by making a raised design on your paper.  They're so easy to use! Just place your paper inside the embossing folder, put it in your Cuttlebug Machine, turn the handle, and VOILA! You can make your backgrounds beautiful and interesting, draw attention to special details, and use your folders over and over again! The Cricut Cuttlebug Companions Embossing Folder series was created to coordinate with some of your favorite Cricut cartridges, but don't let that limit you. These folders are all so cute that you'll want them all even if you don't have the corresponding cartridges!

You don't have a Cuttlebug Machine yet? Shhh....I'll tell you a secret.....they're coming soon! You'll be able to buy the brand new V2 model which features updated, sleek styling and an all metal hand crank that can be tucked away! It works with all leading dies and can cut a variety of materials: thin felt, metal, chipboard, papers, in addition to embossing! You'll be seeing more accessories added as they come in that are so cute they'll make you flip.


Cuttlebug Companion Folder ProjectCuttlebug Companion Folder 2

 Here are some beautiful examples of embossing submitted by our favorite crafters, You!  Although these examples do not represent the patterns included in the Cricut Cuttlebug Companions Embossing Folders, they still represent how embossing is a quick and easy way to add something special to your project. THANK YOU to all of our customers for sharing your projects with us.  Keep them coming!

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