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Today's Trivia Question
What is the best selling Christmas song of all time?   

A. White Christmas

B. Jingle Bells

C. Joy to the World

D. I'll Be Home For Christmas

Click here to see answer
Quote of the Day
"Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas."

- Peg Bracken
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Trivia Question Answer: trivia
A. White Christmas

Yup, White Christmas takes the #1 spot as the top selling Christmas song. If you haven't already started, turn those Christmas songs on!
Happy Holidays!!!
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Craft-e-Corner Team
New Silhouette Products AvailableSilhouette
Fuzzy and Sliver Vinyl & Metallic Sketch Pens

Love the Silhouette SD? So do we! Recently, Craft-e-Corner was fortunate enough to partner with the manufacturer of the Silhouette on a special project they had. As a result of that, we have expanded our Silhouette accessory collection. (P.S. Hey Cricut users...Did you know Silhouette vinyl will work with your machine?!?) Check it out!

My faves? Fuzzy vinyl! Comes in black, brown and white. It intrigued me so much I had to go to the warehouse and touch it. It's thin enough to still cut nicely, but it really is fuzzy! LOVE it! >Check it out

fuzzy brown vinyl 

Silver vinyl. This is awesome. It really looks like metal. A nice shine to it! I can think of so many projects I want to do with this that I need to write them all down! >Check it out

Sliver Vinyl

Metallic sketch pens. I could use these on every project. Especially the white one. (They come with white, silver, gold and copper) Check out this example of a scrapbook page with a chandelier design drawn in white pen. How inspiring is that! >Check them out

Sketch Pens Example1

Sketch Pens Example2

Holiday Vinyl & Home Décor ProjectVinyl
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

It's a busy time of year for my Holdiay Wall Decorfamily!  Three birthdays, Thanksgiving, and the holidays right around the corner. I've been frantically trying to get my decorating finished for Christmas. I got this wreath from my Mom and found the perfect spot for it. But when I hung it, I felt it needed a little something special to really make it a focal point. So, out came my vinyl and away I went. I'm so happy with it now. It's a real conversation piece right when people enter my home. 

To make this vinyl décor, you'll need the following items:

1) A great Mom who will buy you a fabulous wreath 

2) Joys of the Season Cricut Cartridge (sold in a bundle with the next 3 items. Convenient! >See the bundle

3) 12x24 Cutting Mat

4) Red and Green vinyl

5) Transfer paper

6) Winter Woodland Cricut Cartridge

I also used my Cricut Expression Machine, but this project could really be done with any machine using the holiday designs of your choice. To get started, watch this quick video: 

Holiday Project Video

After your image is cut, peel away all of the scrap vinyl so that just your  cut image is left on your mat.

Next, peel a little bit of the backing off of the transfer tape and start laying it over the top of your cut image (which is still on the mat) Go slowly with this... peeling only a little of the transfer backing away at a time. Make sure you are smoothing it out and that there are no air bubbles or wrinkles.

After all the transfer paper is laid down, press down on your design, especially around the edges. Now you can pull up the transfer paper. Go slowly, you might need to give some of the letters a "boost" so that they come up with the transfer paper.

I think the last step is the most fun. Place your transfer tape on the wall and press down on the letters to make sure they "transfer" over to your wall. Slowly pull the transfer tape away.

Voila! Merry Christmas!

Crafting Tip of the DayTip
No Time or Budget for the Cricut Cake Machine?

I think most people have heard of the Cricut Cake Machine. You can use any cartridge (excluding Imagine cartridges) in this special Cricut Cake Machine to cut shapes out of fondant in lieu of paper. I LOVE this concept. But right now, I don't have the budget for the Cake machine, or the time to perfect my fondant skills.

But my daughter's birthday is around the corner, and I really wanted a custom cake. I'm one of those Moms who wants the party decorations, and the cake, and EVERYTHING to be matchy matchy. We recently got back from a Disney vacation, and my daughter wants a Minnie Mouse party. It just so happens I own the Mickey Font and Mickey and Friends cartridges... and wouldn't it be cute if the decorations I made MATCHED the cake?!?

So here's what I did! I was able to log onto Cricut's website and I found an online handbook of the Mickey cartridges. Then I "copied" the designs I wanted on the cake, and "pasted" them in an email to the decorator. She is an artist to say the least, and will use my emailed designs as a template to cut those same shapes from fondant. Then I'll use them to create decorations! Matchy Matchy! Simply brilliant, if I do say so myself.

Here's a link to the online handbooks.

This link is also a great resource to "see" EVERY design on a cartridge before deciding to purchase it or not.  You can also print them! (perfect for those who may have lost theirs)  How Great!

Stay tuned... I'll be highlighting pictures of the finished cake in a future newsletter.

-Bobbi Jo

Are You Celebrating St. Nicks Day?Nick
You Don't Have to Spend a Fortune


My family has celebrated St Nick's Day since I can remember. Each year on the morning of December 6th, my Sister and I would wake up to a stocking full of goodies. St Nick brought us candy, holiday pencils, personalized stickers, lip gloss, and the list goes on. It was so much fun.

Now that I'm old(er), the tradition still lives on, but with a twist. The children still get some special goodies in their stockings, but the grownups have fun too. We have a re-gift party! Everyone wraps an item from around the house that they no longer want, and put it under the tree. Then we pick numbers. Whoever has #1 picks a gift from under the tree and everyone watches as they open it. The person who drew #2 can either steal the first gift that was opened, or pick a present from under the tree. Person #3 can steal any of the gifts opened so far, or choose from under the tree. You get the idea.. the pattern goes on until everyone has a present.  It's amazing to see how "one man's trash is another man's treasure". This year, I'll be contributing some new, yet totally tacky, hair barrettes, a decorative bed pillow, and some holiday shower hooks. I can't wait to see who the lucky one is that receives my treasures.

Although I love getting spoiled with new things, I must admit, this tradition is the most fun for me. We laugh so hard at the gift "stealing" that goes on, it doesn't cost a penny, and most importantly we are all together.

Whether you choose to celebrate this day or not, I wish you a Happy St Nick's Day.
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