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   September  2010 Vol 2: Issue 13
Swap Ideas DaySwap
Share Your Ideas With Others

Have you ever swapped recipes with a friend, given a little home décor advice or helpful idea to someone? Well then, today shouldn't be that out of the ordinary for you. Today is Swap Ideas Day and we are encouraging you to do just that. Share those secret cooking tips, drop a friendly crafting trick, and remember to give just as many ideas as you take.

Sharing ideas between people is beneficial in many ways. For one, everyone has heard that two heads are better than one. This is because more people can generate more thoughts and ideas. So celebrate with us today by sharing your ideas with someone you know; whether it's about crafting, cooking, decorating, or anything else. I'm sure they will find it helpful and inspiring.

Check out our Blog for a few ideas, we'd like to swap with you. Swap one with us! Craft-e-Corner Blog

Today's Trivia Question
Which of the following products can be used to share your memories and creative tastes?

A. Makin's Clay Memory kits

B. Wall Mount Scrabook Albums

C. Picture Keeper

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Quote of the Day
"Great ideas get even better when you share them"

~ Loesje
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Trivia Question Answer: trivia
Did you know it? 
They are all correct.

All four products have their own unique way of allowing you to express yourself and share memories.

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Crazy Lil' Monkey Cricut ProjectCrazy
Capture Your Child's Energy With This Fun Layout

Design by: Joy MadisonCricut Project
Date: 2009-02-04
Category: Scrapbooking
Skill level: Intermediate
Time: 45 min.

1. Use one 12" x 12" sheet of craft cardstock as layout base.
2. Cut one 10" x 10" piece of green dotted paper. Outline green dotted piece with a pen. Adhere to center of layout.
3. Cut scallops. Using Plantin SchoolBook cartridge and yellow flowered paper, cut two 1" <scallop>. Repeat cuts using red flowered paper. Adhere yellow flowered scallops in a line 1" down from the top of the dotted paper. Adhere red flowered scallops offset from yellow flowered scallops as shown. Trim edges. Outline scallops with a pen.
4. Adhere photographs under scallops.
5. Cut flower. Using blue checkered paper, select Italic feature and cut one 3" <flower>. Outline with a pen. Adhere to layout as shown.
6. Cut circle. Using white cardstock, cut one 1 ¼" <circle>. Outline with a pen. Add journaling. Adhere to center of flower.
7. Cut tag. Using off-white cardstock, press Shift and cut one 2" <tag2>. Outline with a pen. Set aside.
8. Cut monkey bars. Using Locker Talk cartridge and dark pink cardstock, cut one 4" . Outline with a pen. Set aside.
9. Cut monkey. Using ZooBalloo cartridge and dark brown cardstock, press Shift and cut one 3" . Repeat cut using Layers feature and brown cardstock. Layer monkey and outline with pen. Wrap monkey's tail around monkey bars and adhere both to layout as shown.
10. Cut two 4" x .33" strips of yellow cardstock. Adhere to layout as shown. Add journaling.
11. Cut title.Using Making the Grade cartridge and orange cardstock, cut 1" letters to spell crazy lil monkey. Adhere to tag. Add ribbon to end of tag. Adhere tag to layout as shown.

What You Will Need
Other Supplies
1. Cardstock: kraft, dark pink, off-white, dark brown, brown, white, yellow, orange
2. Patterned paper: yellow flowered, red flowered, green dotted, blue checkered
3. Photographs
4. Ribbon: striped
5. Pen: brown
6. Paper trimmer
7. Scissors
8. Adhesive
I Love My Mom Mini BookLove
Share The Love With Mom & Dad

Design by: Joy MadisonCricut Project
Date: 2007-05-24 18:21:45
Category: Paper Crafting
Skill level: Intermediate
Time: 1.5 hours

1. Cut 3- 3 inch strips from orange cardstock. cut one strip to 4.5 inches long, one strip to 6 inches long and one to 8.5 inches long.
2. Round all the corners and punch two holes in the left side of each page to "bind" the book together in the end
3. For front page: cut using Base Camp a 1.5 inch "i" out of pink cardstock, cut using George a 2.5 inch heart from dk pink cardstock, cut using Makin the Grade a 1.25 inch word "my". Adhere to page leaving room for the "M" later
4. For first inside page: cut 1.75 x 4.5 inch strip of light orange stripe, cut using Makin the Grade 1.25 inch "because" out of dk pink cardstock, adhere to middle of page
5. For second inside page: cut using Walk in My Garden 2.5 inch aster card out of lt orange cardstock, cut using George 2 inch circle out of Pixie Plaid, cut using Base Camp 1.5 inch "1". Adhere all pieces to the page leaving room on the right side for "O".
6. For third inside page: cut using Walk in My Garden 2.5 inch blossm card out of lt orange cardstock, cut using George 2 inch circle out of Pixie Plaid, cut using Base Camp 1.5 inch "2". Adhere all pieces, centering your work
7. For fourth inside page: cut using Walk in My Garden 2.5 inch posy card out of lt orange cardstock, cut using George 2 inch circle out of Pixie Plaid, cut using Base Camp 1.5 inch "3". cut 2.5 inch photo and adhere to dk pink cardstock. Use scallop scissors to make a frame. Adhere all pieces to the page leaving room on the right side for "M".
8. Cut using Opposites Attract 2.5 inch "MOM" out of BOTH Pixie Plaid and Orange Cardstock, adhere the two pieces of each letter together to make a stronger letter.
9. Stack your pages up the way you'd open the book to look at it. Add the word "MOM" to the edges of the book leaving the same ammount of room between the letters. The first two letters will hang off of their pages.
10. Add tiny keyrings to the holes to "bind" the book. add ribbon to the keyrings. Give this book to your favorite mom or maybe even change the colors and give it to your favorite DAD!!!

What You Will Need
1. Cricut Expression Machine and George Cartridge
5. Pc Paper-pixie Plaid
6. Paper Shapers Scallop
7. Punch-large Circle

Other Supplies
1. Bazzill cardstock
2. Key ring
3. Ribbon
Crafting Tip of the Day Tip
Don't Lose Your Pictures, Back Them Up!

Today's tip can spare you from regret and an emotional outbreak if you're anything like some people I know. With new and better digital cameras coming out, less and less people are sticking to original photography where saving negatives is common. But when people make the switch to digital, they may never even consider the idea of making a second backup copy of their images.

I want to prepare you and explain the importance of getting in the habit of making at least monthly backups of your digital pictures. What this means is to make a copy of all of your images. The most convenient backup solution is a second hard drive or USB drive.

We currently added the Picture Keeper to our inventory to help the process of backing up your images as easy as possible. With the Picture Keeper, you can easily take your images on the go, making sharing and printing a whole lot easier. The Picture Keeper will automatically detect your images and save them without the need of first finding and then transferring images between devices, saving you time and hassle. When you're not on the go, think about keeping your backups in a safe of some sort, so even fires cannot take away your precious images.
Get prepared and protect your images so they really can last a lifetime.

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