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                               July 2010 Vol 2: Issue 10
Jukebox Problem Solved
New Jukebox Accessory is a Must Have

The Jukebox, Cricut's innovative design to use sixJukebox 4ft Cord or more cartridges at once, had a flaw. It's no secret - they failed to realize that the cord was too short. Many crafting tables are barely big enough to hold a machine and outstretched paper. Add a Jukebox, and you almost had to forget about the paper. Hmmm.

Cricut answered the call and we now have the answer in stock. A longer 4 foot cord will add the convenience and ease your Jukebox was meant to give.

Check It Out Here

Today's Trivia Question
Considering price and safety, what is the most efficient adhesive for scrapbooks and photos?

A. Rubber Cement

B. Glue Sticks

C. Tape Runners

Click here to see answer
Quote of the Day
"The trouble with talking too fast is you may say something you haven't thought of yet." 

- Ann Landers
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Trivia Question Answer: trivia
Did you know it? 
C. Tape Runners

Rubber cement has been around forever, but it is messy, hard to use, and not considered to be archival safe. Glue sticks are inexpensive and readily available. But the glue dries out, gets brittle, and may not be acid free. Tape runners are easy, usually refillable, and adhere well. Always check that they are acid free.
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Craft-e-Corner Team
Craft-e-Corner on the Movemoving
Staying Busy Throughout the Summer

Thanks to you and all of our loyal customers, we outgrew our building! This last winter, digital and die cut machines, cartridges and design cards begged for stretching room. Human elbows bumped while we managed computers and phones. It was a problem we loved having, but it needed to be addressed.

So, late in the spring, Craft-e-Corner moved to larger quarters. We're still a family business based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, but the new building makes it easier for us to ship orders faster...locally or across the globe. Our expanded warehouse has aisles of deep shelves storing inventory, and there's still room to grow. That's good.

And now, the office staff is able to spread out. Whether we're researching new products, answering your questions, processing orders, or transforming simple cardstock to elegant designs - the extra space makes us better able to serve our customers. And that's good, too.

We're the same company, committed to offering you a broad array of quality merchandise, but it's nice to have more space in the daily operations. We owe it all to you.

Did you know?fact
July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

In the 1870s, the first telephones came on the scene. It was a 100 year march to get to the mobile state. Remember those shoebox sized phones of the 1970s?

By 2009, it was estimated that there were over 4 billion mobile phones in use or an average of 2 out of 3 people on the planet owning a cell phone. (And, according to Sprint, 2 out of 3 cell phone owners use their cell phone as a flashlight!) If that many of us are moving around with a phone in our pocket, a little courtesy is probably a good thing.
  • Show people you care. When you're with others, turn the cell off or keep it brief.
  • Avoid Cell Yell - the microphone is sensitive.
  • Keep your phone on vibrate whenever possible.
  • Don't test your multi-tasking skills when you drive.
Know someone that needs to know these courtesy tips? Make them a card and let them know. Use the My World Cricut Cartridge for a great cell phone image.
Road Trip Game Projectproject
Keep Your Children Entertained on Road Trips!
Design by: Shirlene Jordan
Date: 2010-03-17 16:32:22
Category: Kids
Skill level: Intermediate
Time: 1 hour
Road Trip Project
1. Cut strips of raven vinyl to create a 3 x 3 grid on fronts of both tins.
2. Cut Vacation. Using Summer Vacation cartridge and burnt umber vinyl, cut two 1 " <FamVaca>. Trim off Family. Use transfer tape to place Vacation on tins as shown.
3. Cut Road Trip. Using raven vinyl, cut two 1" <RoadTrip>.
4. Cut highway sign. Using peacock blue vinyl, cut two 1" <Sign2>.
5. Cut jeep. Using billiard vinyl, cut two " <Jeep>.
6. Cut trailer. Using gray vinyl, cut two " <Trailer>. Repeat cut using ruby red vinyl.
7. Cut taxi. Using yellow vinyl, cut two " <Taxi>.
8. Cut second sign. Using ruby red vinyl, cut two 1" <Sign1>.
9. Cut gas pump. Using ice blue vinyl, cut two 1 " <GasPump>. Repeat cut using peacock blue vinyl.
10. Cut plane. Using lime green vinyl, cut two 1" <Plane>.
11. Cut car. Using ruby red vinyl, cut two " <Car1>.
12. Place one of each image on tins in grid as shown. Use transfer tape to place images as desired. Images should be placed randomly.
13. Cut arrows. Using raven vinyl, cut sisteen 1 " <Arrow1>. Adhere magnet to back of each arrow. Store inside tins.

What You Will Need
- Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter with Plantin SchoolBook and Accent Essentials cartridges
- Cricut Summer Vacation cartridge
- Cricut Cuttables Vinyl, Raven
- Cricut Cuttables Vinyl, Ruby Red
- Cricut Cuttables Vinyl, Ice Blue
- Cricut Cuttables Vinyl, Peacock Blue
- Cricut Cuttables Vinyl, Yellow
- Cricut Cuttables Vinyl, Lime Green
- Cricut Cuttables Vinyl, Gray

Other Supplies
- 2 Flat tin boxes, 5" x 7"
- 16 Small magnets
- Paper trimmer
- Scissors
- Adhesive
(Try the Slice Spray Adhesive)

Crafting Tip of the Day Tip
Do's and Don'ts When Preserving Photos

Preserving photos is one of the main reasons we scrapbook, but there are some steps to consider. If you cover photos with plastic sleeves, use uncoated polyester, Mylar, polypropylene or polyethylene. Never use vinyl. When you find a long forgotten photo album, it's probably best to just leave it...don't take it apart for an updated re-do. Any notes, even the placement of the pictures - are documentation of history, like a diary. But if the album pages had the old magnetic sticking surface, do those photos a favor and get them out of there! The reaction of that sticky residue with your photo will eventually deteriorate it. Small photo corners are a simple alternative to keep the pictures in place.

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