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                                            July 2010 Vol 2: Issue 9
Christmas in July
It's Not to Early to Start Thinking About It

No kidding! December is so busy, more Christmas imagethan one family has taken time to celebrate their Christmas gift exchange in July. Travel plans, family commitments and school schedules just make it easier.  In the southern hemisphere, a touch of snow can put anyone in the mood for Christmas.

For those of us who still celebrate in the 12th month or deck the halls in the 11th, there are weeks and weeks ahead, but the clock is ticking.

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Today's Trivia Question
The American Declaration of Independence was signed around July 4, 1776. The exact dates of the 56 signatures are still debated. Who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence?

A. Benjamin Franklin

B. Thomas Jefferson

C. John Hancock

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Quote of the Day
"Freedom is the oxygen of the soul." 

- Moshe Dayan
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Trivia Question Answer: trivia
Did you know it? 
B. Thomas Jefferson

Although they are all recognizable names as signers, Jefferson was a delegate to the Continental Congress who authored much of the Declaration. He based it on his own previous drafting of the constitution for the colony of Virginia.
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Independence Day Around the Worldindependence
United States Celebrates July 4th

U.S. Flag Image

In the United States, our Independence Day is coming up on July 4th. For Americans, this is one of our grandest holidays of patriotic sentiment, flag waving, picnics and fireworks. It's hard to believe that we won our independence from England, a great friend of ours across the ocean. What a difference a couple hundred years, or even decades can make.

But we have so many international customers, I checked to see when a few of their independence days are. In the month of June I found: Samoa, Argentina, Philippines, Iceland, Egypt, Croatia, Slovenia, Madagascar, Somalia, and Mozambique. In July, Malawi, Belgium, Peru and Slovakia will all recognize the pride of self-governing. This is  just a tiny list, only covering two months of the year. Each has their history to tell.

To all countries celebrating their liberty this summer, have a safe and happy observance.

Roots and Branches Month
Your Own Tree of Life

July is Roots and Branches Month. Celebrate your own roots and branches by investigating the heritage of your family tree. ArchivalLife Memory keeper offers the perfect quality, size and format for long term preservation of your legacy. Checkout ArchivalLife here
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Chandelier Garlandproject
Customizable & a Great Way to Dress Up Any Event!
Design by: Natalie Malan
Date: 2009-09-14
Category: Crafts
Skill level: Easy
Time: 1 hourChandelier Garland

1. Cut ovals. Using A Child's Year cartridge and white cardstock, select Monogram feature and cut four 5".
2. Cut BABY. Change machine settings for a kiss cut according to vinyl instructions. Using vinyl, select Font feature and cut 2 " letters to spell BABY. Use transfer tape to apply letters to ovals.
3. Cut several 4 " squares of blue and brown patterned paper. Cut in half across the diagonal. Select five triangles for use.
4. Punch holes about " in from each point on your triangles. Punch two holes in the top of each oval about an inch apart.
5. Set eyelets in the bottom of each triangle to hang beads or chandelier crystals. Use wire or thread to attach the crystals or beads to the bottom of each point.
6. Thread ribbon through remaining holes, alternating triangles and ovals as shown.

What You Will Need
- Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter with Plantin SchoolBook and Accent Essentials cartridges
- Cricut A Child's Year cartridge
- Vinyl
- Transfer Tape

Other Supplies
1. 5 chandelier crystals or beads and thread or wire
2. Cardstock: white
3. Patterned paper: blue, brown
4. 4 yards of 1/8" ribbon
5. 1/8" hole punch
6. 1/8" eyelets
7. Paper trimmer

Crafting Tip of the Day Tip
Making use of Household Material

Embellishments are the artistic touch that makes your designs stand out from the others. But when you're at a loss for the right flourish, check your own house. Broken jewelry, nightgown lace, dried flowers or the beaded purse with a broken clasp can all have new life on a scrapbook page. Need a different paper? Recycle a gift bag or go casual with newspaper and grocery brown.  Always remember, less is more.
Christmas in Julycontinued

A great idea that rivals professional greeting cards has arrived from Dinotalk. Ornaments, paper and frames come in naked white - free of any trimming - ready to be decorated with your design cuts, embellishments and glitter. The extra fun comes when you add the sound of your own voice in a ten second message, frozen in time.

Imagine a familiar voice coming from the Christmas tree. It's bound to give the Talking Ornament a place of honor, right next to the most precious kindergarten pinecone. Loved ones who can't be home for the holidays get a moment of closeness when they hear your distinctive tone come from a hand decorated card.

Or you could Dino-frame a special memory photo. Then compose and save just the right message within the frame - one that only you could make up. The naked frame is ready for your 4 x 6 print to be set off with original genius.

These are the kinds of gifts that mean the most, especially during times of economic change. We want to give something real, something meaningful and heartfelt. Dinotalk offers the beginning, and you have plenty of time to complete it.

Check Out Dinotalk Now
Blankets for KidsCharity
Vacation Bible School helps Operation Kid to Kid

Our July charity is for the Vacation Bible School (VBS) which Craft-e-Corner's Owners, Dean and Carrie Duehring, are personally involved with. For their family, it runs from July 12 to 16 with a trip to Egypt. Well, sort of!! Joseph's Journey from Prison to Palace will be traveled with children aged three to eleven.

The majority of our contribution will support Operation Kid to Kid, to help purchase blankets and cover the costs of shipping for our mission project in Africa. 

If you are interested in the valuable Kid to Kid projects, click on the link below. 

For more information Click Here.

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