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             June 2010 Vol 2: Issue 7
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Questions for a Cricut Gypsy User
Personal Interview

Melissa is an avid Gypsy's burrowed into a black sleeve inside her purse right next to her wallet. Now that speaks volumes! This is a real but casual interview with Melissa, and I asked her if she uses it that much to take a place of honor in a purse. In your mind, try to listen for her elated voice coming through in her answers. "Ohhh yes, when my son was in the hospital, if I'm sitting in the car or watching TV. I don't have to stay in front of a machine to design. It's great."
Okay, so it's small and convenient. But what do you think are the best features? "I probably use welding the most. But you can save projects and go back to them. Oh, plus layering and the flip image. Did I mention the Gypsy Wanderings yet? It comes loaded in the Gypsy, and it's got all these images like snowflakes, musical notes and children's silhouettes; images you can't find anywhere else. Plus the fonts."

Today's Trivia Question
Which craft saw the greatest sales growth last year?

A. Wood Working

B. Jewelry Making

C. Cake Decorating

Click here to see answer
Quote of the Day
"A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken." 

- James Dent
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Trivia Question Answer: trivia
You guessed it... C is the answer.

The Cricut Cake is following a trend. According to the Craft and Hobby Association, cake decorating was up 103% in 2009 compared to 55% each for wood working and jewelry making.

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June is a Special Time for Many Reasons ANZAC
June Events
  • First Day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern.
  • Month of Juneteenth (June 19th) an American celebration of African American freedom that is rapidly going global in recognition of all cultures.
  • Lots of weddings - and those June brides are considered brides forever.
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Camping Trip Layout Project using Cricutcaddy
Memorialize Your Summer Camping Trip
Design by: Shirlene Jordan
Date: 2010-03-17
Category: Scrapbooking
Skill level: Intermediate
Time: 1 hour

1. Cut one 11 " x 11 " block of teal patterned paper. Round corners. Ink edges. Adhere to 12" x 12" sheet of dark teal patterned paper. Ink edges. Adhere brown die cut circle paper to layout center as shown.
2. Cut Campground. Using Summer Vacation cartridge and teal patterned paper, cut one 2 " <CampGrnd>. Back with white patterned paper. Ink edges.
3. Cut backpacks. Using dark brown patterned paper, cut one 2 " <Backpack>. Repeat cut using dark teal patterned paper. Back cuts with white patterned paper. Ink edges.
4. Cut tent. Using orange patterned paper, cut one 5 " <Tent>. Repeat cut with burnt orange patterned paper. Layer and back with white patterned paper. Ink edges.
5. Cut fire. Using burnt orange patterned paper, cut one 3" <Fire>. Repeat cut twice using dark brown patterned paper. Using yellow patterned paper, cut one 2 " and one 3" <Fire>. Using red patterned paper, cut one 2" and one 2 " <Fire>. Assemble as shown, trimming away excess parts. Ink edges. Use foam squares between various layers.
6. Cut map. Using red patterned paper, cut one 1 " <Map>. Back with white patterned paper. Ink edges.
7. Cut Camping Trip. Using burnt orange patterned paper, cut one 1 " <CampTrip>. Ink edges.
8. Adhere images to layout as shown.

What You Will Need
- Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter with Plantin SchoolBook and Accent Essentialscartridges
- Cricut Summer Vacation cartridge
- Cutting Trimmer

Other Supplies
1.    Patterned paper: dark brown, orange, burnt orange, white, teal, dark teal, red, yellow
2.    Brown die cut circle paper
3.    Ink pad: brown
4.    Corner rounder
5.    Scissors
6.    Foam squares
7.    Adhesive (Try the Slice Spray on Adhesive)
3D Robots Cricut Projectproject
Create a 3D robot as a party decoration or favor!

Design by: Georgina Jarvie
Date: 2010-03-03
Category: Paper Crafting
Skill level: Easy
Time: 1 hour

1. Cut robot. Using Robotz cartridge and orange card-stock, cut one 8" <Robot50>. Repeat cut using dark orange card-stock and Layer 1 feature. Repeat cut using blue glitter card-stock and Layer 2/Shadow feature. Repeat cut using blue glitter card-stock and Retro Botz feature.
2. Using orange card-stock, press Shift and cut one 8" <Robo50-s>. Repeat cut using black card-stock and Layer 1 feature. Repeat cut using white card-stock and Layer 2/Shadow feature. Repeat cut using orange card-stock and Retro Botz feature.
3. Assemble robot using a strong adhesive.

What You Will Need
1. Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter with Plantin SchoolBook and Accent Essentialscartridges
2. Cricut Robotz cartridge

Other Supplies
1. Cardstock: orange, dark orange, white, black, blue glitter
2. Adhesive (Try the Slice Spray on Adhesive)
Crafting Tip of the Day Tip
Keeping the Focus

When you're developing a layout for your scrapbook page, select one photo as the page focal point. Once you've decided on your central photo, a theme falls into place. Framing that picture with a mat enhances the importance of it. Supporting pictures or designs can divert the eye away from your theme, so keep the extras in a low profile -semi overlapping or matted with a narrower frame.

Questions for a Cricut Gypsy UserTeacher

Is there a downside to the Gypy? "Well, it takes a little while to warm up, but the battery life is good and there's a wall charger. And they include all the cords you need to connect your cartridges or the Cricut machine."
Melissa loves her Gypsy. Truth be told, I myself do not own a Gypsy yet. But I came away with my favorite use anyway. Every image of every Cricut cartridge is there to see when you search it out by keyword. I don't mean that you can use every cartridge but at least you can see all the images contained. Advertising is limited in its space and we often wonder... are we seeing everything in that cartridge? With the Gypsy, you see more than an ad, you see the whole manual.

And now there's a Gypsy A to Z DVD to get the most out of your traveling machine. The popular Cricut A to Z DVD has helped so many Cricut users. Many have asked Above Rubies Studio for the same training DVD for the Gypsy and they responded. Learn all those Gypsy settings, how to avoid waste and get some great project ideas in the same DVD.
Craft-e-Corner is offering a special this month; purchase the Gypsy with the Gypsy A to Z DVD as a special bundle for only $221.68 with coupon. This won't last long, but it's our way of helping to kick off the introduction of the new and helpful Gypsy A to Z DVD. Enhance your designs in a way you never imagined. Try the Gypsy.

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