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             April 2010 Vol 2: Issue 5
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Today's Trivia Question
Mother's Day dates back to early Egypt and Greece with the honoring of goddesses. It wasn't until what century that Mothering Day began in England as a celebration of family?

A. 15th Century

B. 16th Century

C. 17th Century

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Quote of the Day
"When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child."  
- Sophia Loren
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Trivia Question Answer: trivia
C is the correct answer.  Historians say that in the 1600s - or 17th Century - religious clerics decreed Mothering Day as a compassionate day of reprieve for the working classes and their families.

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All Kids Can Learn International
Charity of the Month

Each month Craft-e-Corner contributes to a valuable cause, and this month we have a local and international focus combined. A friend of Craft-e-Corner, Emily Schneider, is working through her church and the larger organization of All Kids Can Learn International (AKCLI) to "stem the tide of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa."

One person - or even one group - can only do so much. But when organizations with a world presence join with dedicated individuals on a common course, they can make a difference.

To All Mothers and CaregiversANZAC
Happy Mother's Day

I looked up the definition of mother... a female parent, a woman in authority, maternal tenderness or affection. They may all be somewhat true, but tenderness and affection are the words that seem most apt in describing a mom. We wish a Happy Mother's Day to all you women who give of your tenderness and affection, to make another person's life better.
Cinco de MayoSlice
May 5, 2010

Cinco De Mayo was May 5 - a festive day commemorating victory by the Mexican army in the mid 1800s - a victory they needed to promote unity in their country. The website describes it as a time when "Mexico demonstrated to the world that Mexico and all of Latin America were willing to defend themselves of any foreign intervention."  At such a crucial point in their history, this helped to confirm Mexican independence.

We celebrated Cinco De Mayo at a conference this past week. Check out our blog to see how we celebrated
: Craft-e-Corner Blog
Making Memories Fusible Web Projectproject
Bonding Made Easier

The Making Memories Fusible Web gave one crafter an idea.  As a 30th birthday scrapbook page, mom was able to salvage fabric from a layered childhood dress. Using the Fusible Web, her Cricut machine and an iron, she framed Jessica's baby photos in the same blue gingham and crisp white that she wore in her first year. It turned into a tender gift of remembrance.

- Making Memories Fusible Web - GET IT HERE
- Lightweight fabric and photos
- Household Iron
- Cricut Plantin Schoolbook for frames - using Roly Poly Rectangle setting with a        setting one inch larger than the photo.

Crafting Tip of the Day Tip
Use of the Bone Folder

When you need a clean and crisp fold, take a straight edge ruler and line it up where the inside of your card's fold will be. Hold the ruler in place with a little pressure exactly where you would like your crease for the fold. Using the pointed end of the bone folder - the tool that looks a little like a letter opener - firmly press to produce a score or slight etch mark along the desired crease. Be careful not to put so much pressure on that your paper tears.

When the score is complete, fold your paper along the crease. Once again, take the bone folder, but this time use the flat side - pressing on the crease to make it a solid, even and professional looking fold.

All Kids Can Learn InternationalTeacher

Emily is raising funds to travel to Africa this year in conjunction with AKCLI and the Village of Hope in Zambia. Together they will be educating and caring for some of the 1.2 million HIV/AIDS orphaned children - doing everything they can to pull these young ones from the poverty and abuse that accompanies being left alone.

The goal is "helping to produce a generation that is able to turn things around relative to the spread of AIDS." If you're interested in Emily's journey of goodwill, click on the link below. The Village of Hope in Zambia is just one of the orphanage centers being developed to rescue children whose families have been devastated by HIV/AIDS.  The future belongs to us, but it also depends on us.

 To learn more about AKCLI visit:

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