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             April 2010 Vol 2: Issue 4
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Teacher Appreciation Week
May 3-7 2010

Think back for a moment. You're young - in a classroom, and there's one of your favorite teachers wearing the same sweater you remember from years ago. Relive that feeling of growth when you got your multiplication tables down...past the 5s, finally understood what hypothesis meant in the scientific method, grasped a deeper message out of an assigned novel, or even mastered printing a 'd' without mistaking it for a 'b'. Someone was always there to guide you along.

Today's Trivia Question
Earth Day was celebrated on April 22nd in many countries.  Who founded Earth Day?

A. U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson

B. Consumer Advocate Ralph Nader

C. Movie Director     Stephen Spielberg

Click here to see answer
Quote of the Day
"One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child."  
- Carl Jung
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Trivia Question Answer: trivia
A. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin founded Earth Day in 1970 to inspire awareness and teach appreciation for our Earth.
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ANZAC - A Tribute Down UnderANZAC
April 25, 2010

We are thrilled to be meeting new people all over the world - even if it is a cyber friendship. Many of the digital and die cut users we work with are from Australia and New Zealand. We recently learned that on Sunday, April 25th, people of those countries will be commemorating Anzac Day. This is in special remembrance of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who served in military operations - going back as far as World War I. In the quest for peace, we share your tribute to those brave souls.
Making Memories Slice Fusible WebSlice
A Clean Cut for Fabric

We get many questions regarding the use of fabric with digital or die cut machines. Making Memories Slice Fusible Web finally gives your cutting machine the ability to cut designs out of cloth. A swatch of lightweight material turns into a themed appliqué for jazzing up a plain t-shirt, pillowcase or quilt.

Just iron the Fusible Web to your fabric of choice, place it on your mat and cut. It's that easy. The backing stiffens cloth just enough so that you get a clean design without pulling threads. Fusible Web has the strong reputation of Making Memories Slice products, but it works with any cutter such as the Cricut Expression, Create, or Silhouette SD. Add a new dimension to your cutting stock with our Fusible Web.

Click here for a live demonstration:

Two Great Mother's Day Project IdeasMother

Mother's Day Purse Gift Bag

Directions for Purse Bag:
1. Cut one square doily out of white paper to fit the width of the bag - Mother's Day Cartridge.
2. Cut a round decorative circle out of white paper - Easter Cartridge.
3. Use your favorite adhesive and attach square doily to the bottom section of the lunch bag.
4. Cut the extra top part of the bag off - keep this paper in case it is needed for embellishments.
5. Fold white circle in half. Glue back half of circle to back side of bag.
6. Punch two holes on top seam of bag and pull ribbon through to make handle.
Glue two pieces of ribbon together to use as the handles.           
7. The word Mother was made using the Mother's Day cartridge.
8. Glue on the rhinestones
9. Add a Velcro Circle to help keep the bag closed.

- Lunch Bag, I used a pink one
- 2 White Card Stock 81/2 X 11
- Extra Pink Paper from top of bag.
- Ribbon, I used pink scraps
- Pink Rhinestones
- Velcro Circles

Mother's Day Card

Directions for Card:
- Lime Green Card Stock
- White Card Stock
- Black Card Stock
- Black & White Print Paper
- Green/White Ribbon
- White & Black Brads:
- White Envelope
- Green Ribbon
- Flower, cut from Accent Essentials
- Brad

1. Cut Black Card Stock, a bit smaller than the card size.
2. Cut Black Print Paper to fit on the right hand side of card.
3. Glue Ribbon over seam of where black paper and black print paper meet.  
4. Cut Happy Mother's Day from White and Green Card Stock using the Mother's Day cartridge.   
5. Glue Happy Mother's Day on black card stock - at the left side of card.
6. Add Brads or other embellishments

Directions for Envelope:
1. Glue strip of ribbon to the left side of envelope
2. Put flower together with brad
3. Glue onto envelope
Earth Day all Year Long
Help Us Continue to "Go Green"

In our homes and workplaces, we sense a responsibility to be caretakers of the Earth every day. Sometimes it's hard to imagine ourselves going beyond bundling paper or bagging cans. But most of us do go further in our own small ways, without even realizing it.

Craft-e-Corner keeps the green initiative on a front burner... always simmering. We cook up new ways to stay green and you're participating. Here you are, reading our newsletter online - saving countless trees. You may be combining your orders for one delivery using less fuel, and many of them arrive in a lightweight recyclable poly mailer. Have you noticed your shipping label? It's printed with a thermal printer rather than ink.

So in just one paragraph we came up with four ways for one company and thousands of customers to keep this planet humming. We thank you for helping us to run a clean and green business.
Crafting Tip of the Day Tip
A Perfect Gift for Any Graduate

Want to give a graduation gift like no other? Put together a personal history book starting with bouncy baby photos and meandering through school years all the way to graduation. Or work around a theme that connects you in a special way. Sports, foods or travel, jobs, friendships...pick a topic you have in common, pull together a few souvenirs, journal some thoughts, and you'll have a keepsake that will be the center of party talk and personal treasures.
Teacher Appreciation Week Teacher

May 3rd to 7th is National Teacher Appreciation Week. This is a good time for us to offer a kind word of support to our teachers. When all is well in school, parents and students are fairly quiet. We just don't think of running in and announcing that we're happy.

But during the first week in May, consider the gift of 'knowledge-sharing' that teachers give every day. Make a card, send a single flower, or just pat an educator on the back.

Let them know that they mean something special in your family's life.

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