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Multiple Sclerosis Society Still Needs our Help
Big response from readers

Last issue, we wrote about Multiple Sclerosis and the need to raise awareness, along with funds, to bring about a much needed cure. I must say, our response from readers was welcomed...and heartfelt.

Judith is overcoming stumbling blocks, "I have MS, and have decided to make cards....  Some days my fingers don't work that well, so I am trying to strengthen them along with forcing my brain to be creative again."

Jean gave us a tiny description of what it's like on a day to day basis.  "I am prevented from doing the crafts I love many times because my hands do not choose to work that day.  Even when there is some control, the time I can work is limited due to fatigue setting in."
Today's Trivia Question
Which of these Cricut cartridges is being retired?

A. Stamped

B. Potpourri Basket

C. Cinnamon

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Quote of the Day
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."  
- Helen Keller
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Trivia Question Answer: trivia
B - Sadly, Stamped Solution Cartridge will soon be retired. Cricut announced that their sleek font cartridge will be discontinued. So get yours NOW before their gone.

P.S. Okay...Cinnamon isn't really a cartridge - but it's a spicy thought.
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Mother's Day is in May Mothers
May 9, 2010
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With some humility, all of us moms have to admit... it's nice to be remembered. Mother's Day, as a tribute to our nurturing, spans the generations. Cricut designed their Mother's Day cartridge with the passing of ages in mind, offering feminine script of Grandma to Mama and classic flourish designs to baby carriages.

You may be familiar with Cricut's new limited edition Solutions cartridges, and Mother's Day is one of them.
The celebration of Moms will be back every year, but
this cartridge may not. It's a loving addition to your library.

Price: $22.84          Buy it Now

This Gift is FREE and Very Useful... MS
Cricut Scraper and Spatula

You're familiar with our sale bundles, but how about a free gift bundle? Place an order over $50 and the spatula with scraper will be yours.

Click here for more details

·Spatula - Could be the most necessary item in your cutter toolbox. Useful for all machine cuts...not just Cricut, but it bears the quality and comfort Cricut is known for.

·Scraper - Put new life into your mat when you gently scrape off those downy paper residues. This is the perfect shape and design so a soft rubbing is all it takes to clean a mat without damaging the surface.
Crafting Tip of the Day Tip
Giving a distressed look to your vintage designs

Do you sometimes have an antique theme going on with a card or scrapbook page, but it just looks too fresh? Take a little sand paper and scuff some of the new color or pattern off, giving it an aged look. You can even graze the paper's edge, until it has the well worn appearance of vintage paper that's been handled throughout the years.
Why Print or Buy Calendars? Create Your Own! Medium
Designer's Calendar Cricut Cartridge Project

We love the Designer's Calendar cartridge because it has so many possibilities.  Besides a full font and numeric cartridge for creating calendars,  it's also got an array of images, making it valuable for all kinds of projects.

One of our very own employees, Melissa, did a beautiful job with the traditional use, making a practical and pretty monthly calendar that's personalized to her family's activities. The Creatopia was put to work for adding an adhesive backing to the calendar grid.

Items used:
1. Designer's Calendar - Months, days of the week, major holidays, and coordinating images are all here. With two different fonts and coordinating shadows, calendar possibilities are boundless. Only $44.24
Click here to learn more

2. Creatopia - even edge-to-edge adhesive on to items up to 12 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick! It also laminates, embosses, cuts straight and fancy lines and die press shapes! Its the ALL IN ONE MACHINE. Only $118.84
Click here to learn more
Multiple Sclerosis Society Still Needs our Help article

Weeks ago, Pam brought the upcoming MS Walks to our attention with a caring letter for the thousands of afflicted. In part, she reminded us how a delightful activity can make all the difference.

 "There are days that being in my craft room with my Cricut, paper, glue, brads... or just putting the thoughts floating around in my head on paper, is the only thing that makes dealing with this disease bearable.... I'm sure I'm not the only person that feels like this and I want to try every avenue I can to hopefully make it possible for researchers to find a cure for this disease to ultimately make it possible that not one more person will have to face living their life with the uncertainties this disease brings."
Ann Marie Kosek

Craft-e-corner also has a personal interest in seeing this disease ended. Carrie Duehring owns Craft-e-corner, along with her husband, Dean. When Carrie was a child, her own mom, Ann Marie Kosek, was diagnosed with MS. Their family knows firsthand what it takes to accept the findings, live with the changes, and continually pray for the cure.

There's an old saying: Pray to God for a good harvest, but don't stop hoeing. With the help of each other, we're going to keep hoeing and cultivating this garden of cures.

We personally appreciate your help and prayers.

Click here for more information:

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