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National Scrapbooking Day Around the Country
May 1, 2010

March was National Scrapbooking Month so you'd think that National Scrapbooking Day would be in March too,  but It isn't. The day is commemorated on May 1st of this year. For an avid cropper, the date plants a seed of inspiration and sprouts into an event...all over America.

Searching the Web, it was interesting to see happenings from north to south. There are goody bags with fun for the taking at the Holiday Inn at Carle Place, New York and the Alaska State Fairgrounds.  Bring your pajamas and an appetite for pizza if you crop in Saginaw, Michigan.
Today's Trivia Question
Lignin Free paper...
A. has been chemically treated to have deep and true color.
B. does not degrade, lasting for hundreds of years.
C. is manufactured to allow for better sticking and adhesion.

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Quote of the Day
"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."  
- Winston Churchill
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Trivia Question Answer: trivia
B - Lignin Free paper does not degrade, lasting for hundreds of years because the lignin portion of the cells, which gives the plant strength, has been removed during manufacturing.
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Looking for a Mother's Day Gift? Mothers
Try one of our top ten picks

Are you wondering what you can get your Mom or someone mom-like who is close to you? Steal a look into their crafting supplies to see if we don't have just the right gift to fill a need.

1.   Spatula - helps with all machine's small, but necessary
2.   Cricut Tool Kit - no matter which machine she uses this helps
3.   Juke Box - turns her cartridges into a symphony
4.   Gypsy - what busy Cricut user wouldn't love a Gypsy to travel with?
5.   Design Studio - she'll design her cuts on the big screen
6.   Potpourri - think of it as a Cricut Greatest Hits!!!
7.   Pink Slice Bundle - the complete cutting package with a feminine touch
8.   Designer's Calendar - get numerical, font and year round images all in one
9.   A Child's Year Cartridge - so she can preserve her memories of you!!
10. Cricut Expression Machine - maybe she could use an upgrade....

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National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month MS
Craft-e-corner is dedicated to charitable giving

March is National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month and we're doing our part to raise the public's consciousness to this disease. Perhaps our dollars will be the ones to help find a cure. For 140 years, the search has been going on. In the United States alone, almost 400,000 people are anxiously awaiting that cure. 

The following information was taken from the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation website, as a very brief description of MS.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic neurological disorder that affects the central nervous system, (CNS) comprised of the brain and spinal cord. In the CNS, nerve fibers or axons are surrounded by a layer of insulation called myelin. Myelin allows nerve signals to travel properly. In MS, the myelin is destroyed on the brain and spinal cord.

This is similar to a frayed electrical cord. The insulation assures that the electricity running along the wire reaches its destination without short-circuiting. In MS, the transmission along the nerve fibers "short-circuits," becoming faulty or absent. This can cause problems with vision, coordination, sensation in the limbs, and other symptoms.

MS doesn't play favorites. Annette Funicello, Montel Williams, and Richard Pryor are a few of the famous names with this disease. But around the planet there are great numbers of not as famous - but just as important people - dealing with the daily struggles of MS.

In the weeks to come, we would like to bring some personal testimonies to the needs behind this disease. For now, consider following the MS link below to find out about a local walk or fund raising event near you.

Click here for more information:
Crafting Tip of the Day Tip
Adding some dimension to your projects

Are you anxious to make your pages pop-out with a 3 Dimensional look? Adding 3D adhesive foam squares can give that rise to your creations. If you don't have the foam squares on hand, try layering repeated cuts of the same design with your own adhesive.  Just center and glue the slightest bit of any fabric or paper filler and let the height begin.

You could also adjust the size of your cut to get the artist's look of linear perspective. Cut the same design over and over making each one a little smaller. Then stack your graduated sizes, connect with a brad, and you'll have a burst of beauty with layers.
We've Got a New Medium for Your Projects Medium
Give your project a little more

Craft-e-corner went on a shopping spree and came home with two new products to put some zing in your projects. 

1. Shrink Film - Now you can cut Sponge Bob or the 50 States or all 26 letters of the alphabet from the shrink film vinyl. Pop them in the oven for a short bake and have your own miniature charms. Only $8.84

2. Cling Vinyl Film - Decorate your home, office or schoolroom windows for every holiday and every season. Instead of cardstock, cut from the vinyl film 
and let static do its window clinging trick. Only $10.84                                

We keep working for you to offer the best in new and useful crafting supplies.

Click here to buy or to learn more: adhesives-papers
National Scrapbooking Day Around the Country article

The Three Rivers Banquet Hall in New Mexico is ready for scrappers and Oregon's Willamette Valley will celebrate all night at Wine Country Farms. There was even a group rescheduling their event for September, to accommodate prom nights that may otherwise interfere. They'll have handsome photos to work with next fall.

If you have the sudden urge to commemorate the day, there's still time for you to plan your own scrapbook get-away. We wish all the observers a Happy Scrapbooking Day.


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