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"To many people holidays are not voyages of discovery, but a ritual of reassurance."  
- Philip Andrew Adams
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Scrapbooking: Historically a Natural for National Craft Month

Digital and Die Cut machines are used for other things besides scrapbooking, but it's estimated that over 30% of American homes engage in occasional to regular scrapbooking. In fact, more households keep a scrapbook than play golf. But there's a long history to this memory preservation.

Since the 1400s - when paper became more available - personal writing books were kept. And by the next century, they expanded to become Friendship Albums with memorabilia decorating the pages. If you were wealthy, an artist added portraits or your coat of arms. Those books grew to what we presently know as school yearbooks.

With photography in the 1800s - and addition of the Brownie camera - a whole new dimension was added. Now technology allowed all of us to join the Friendship Album club.

More people started to preserve their family and everyday history on personal manuscript pages. Adding comments, names and little souvenirs converted simple photo books to scrapbooks.

It's a fascinating journey, tracing scrapbooks from the time of exploring by Columbus to experimenting with a Creatopia. We voyaged from the early introduction of paper to lignin free, eyelet embellished archives. That's progress we can appreciate - and a history we're proud to carry on.

Creatopia by Xyron

Creatopia - Just the Facts:
A multi-component machine made by Xyron
Applies Adhesive backing to items up to 12" wide and " deep, even fabric.
Laminates items up to 12"wide and " deep - without heat
Embosses up to 12" wide or 3" borders with removable embossing rollers
Cuts a straight or stylish edging - plus strips - with moveable blades
Has a 6 " die press platform to cut with leading Diecut shapes
Environmentally sound and portable because it is cordless
Creatopia - Now the discussion:
If you think I'm exaggerating the above facts, I'm not. This machine is a find for crafters, schools and business. Many of you heard the name before, especially if you used their smaller sticker making machines. But the Creatopia adds so much more.

Just lift the easily removable components and you go from applying adhesive or laminating to trimming or embossing. The components are sold separately, but the basic machine gets you started in all the directions your creations will need.

Purchase Your Creatopia Today!

Price: $118.84

Buy Now

Where'd You Get the Great T-Shirt?

Want to have some fun with your clothes? Silhouette Heat Transfer let's you put custom panache into your shirts without custom prices.
Just pick a design, cut the heat transfer material with your Silhouette machine, and iron it on. Clicking on the link below will take you to a short demo video. It's all the training you'll need to be the one who is dressed for every occasion.

St. Patrick and Easter Holiday Helpers

St. Patrick Day is March 17 - never changes. Easter is April 4 - just a couple weeks later - and whether you're a Quickutz, Slice, or Cricut user, we've got designs that are eggsactly what you are looking for.

Quickutz offers a cheery Easter Egg Border that decorates in holiday style.

If you're a Slice user, the new Faith Design Card offers religious symbols to commemorate the day. Also, don't miss the Calendar Design Card. It has it all from March shamrocks to April Easter bunnies or check out the Spring design card. This design card fills your Easter basket with garden planting tools and the first harvested strawberries. You'll love it.

Cricut went out of their way to bring an Easter cartridge to market this year. The Easter cartridge is like the holiday - it won't be around for long - being a limited edition Solutions offer. You can style your own 3D basket, fill it with treats and embellish the outside with a chubby bunny sporting her tiny cotton tail.

We have them all in stock and ready to join your family when they celebrate the post-winter holidays.

Purchase the Easter Cartridge Now! 


Our Price: $22.84

        Buy Now


Below are two project ideas for your Easter holiday, both use the Cricut Easter cartridge. They show it's easy for any busy person to put their cutting machine into action and personalize the day.

Easter Cupcake Picks
Toothpicks - Longer picks help
Cricut Easter Solutions Cartridge
Xyron machine to add adhesive backing
Tiny googly eyes

Easter Container
Clear Paint Can
Cricut Easter Solutions Cartridge
Xyron machine to add adhesive backing

Benefit for Kyle Makurat

Craft-e-Corner is looking forward to a benefit on March 20th from 1 to 11:30 p.m. at La Sure's in Oshkosh, Wisconsin to help out Kyle Makurat. At the tender age of 13, Kyle had a heart attack during his gym class. An undiagnosed congenital defect was the cause. The ongoing medical rehabilitation costs are a lot for any family to bear. The Butte des Morts Lions Club is generously helping to provide an opportunity for us to celebrate and contribute to Kyle's recovery.
If you have questions or would like to help out, go to http://www.thewolf.fm/paws_for_cause.php or email the planning committee at makuratbenefit@yahoo.com.


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