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March is National Craft Month

Almost everybody crafts at one time or another. There aren't many activities that we can describe with such a broad brush. If you've ever made something that has a use, is decorative, or combines both...you've crafted.

Materials can be clay, paper, jewels, wood, gourds, plastic, paint, fabric - the list gets lengthy.  Then multiply that list by millions - no, through history it would be billions and billions - of projects completed by the interaction of human hands with a material and an idea.

Your craft may turn into a hobby or even a money maker. But for most of us, it's just something we try and it makes us a little more extraordinary because we did. We're a crafting nation and proud of it. So proud of it, that we gave ourselves a month to reflect and make plans for more.

BossKut Gazelle 

What's small, user friendly, downloads your own designs, has ultra-strong tech support and cuts balsa wood? Are you kidding? Balsa wood!!!

Okay, in case you didn't read the title I'll give the answer. It's the BossKut Gazell. With up to 500 grams of pressure, you can even cut lightweight plastic. Now this opens up whole new crafting ideas.
We've got the BossKut Gazelle right here in stock, and it's a winner. The Gazelle comes with Funtime Software, 700 shapes and 200 fonts. But based on many of the questions we get, I think two of the exceptional qualities are welding and vectorizing your images with the traced crispness of an artist.

Don't ask me how they do it, but BossKut is ahead of the curve for scrappers and other crafters. You'll make embellishments that nobody's ever seen before. It's an original and you will be too.

Purchase Your BossKut Gazelle Today!

Price: $418.84

Buy Now

What Are We Doing With Our Crafts?

The Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) did a study of what we do with our completed craft projects. It's interesting to read what they found - and see where we stand in the broad picture.

Since I work mostly in the digital and die cut industry, the majority of crafts I see lend themselves to card making, scrapbooking, holiday partying  - and then business or school applications. With the use of more vinyl wall trim - cutting machines are playing a larger role in decorating the home.

But digital and die cutting is just one aspect of the world of crafting. Skim the uses below and see where you and your craft projects fit. You may get an idea for a new outlet.

56% of us use our crafts for gifts

55% personal use
32% home decorating
25% holiday decorating

11% sell
9% other...

Which always begs the question, what are the others? We want to know.   

Put Some Twinkle in Your Cosmos

Did you ever notice a diamond catch the sunlight and smile back at you? Who can't love that little sparkle? Well, now you can put a glint in your eyes - or your projects - whenever you want.

Silhouette has designed a starter kit that makes your creations look sparktacular. Just choose a design template, send the template material into your Silhouette for cutting the design's holes and brush your rhinestones into those holes. Then lift the sparkles up with the kit's transfer tape and iron the tape onto your craft.

You can decorate your own greeting cards, t-shirts, or scrapbook pages with the Silhouette Rhinestone Kit. So grab your own hot iron and turn your Silhouette machine into a jewel bedazzler. This is a fun way to embellish your designs with a twinkle and a smile. 

Click here http://qksilhouette.com/files/instructionInsert.pdf to download a step by step guide on how to use the Rhinestone Kit.

Purchase the Silhouette Rhinestone Kit now! 


Our Price: $27.84

        Buy Now

Crop Out Diabetes:
Gone and over, but not forgotten

Once again Craft-e-corner was able to donate a Create machine in support of our friends raising money for a splendid cause. On February 6, 2010, a creative group got together in Little Chute, Wisconsin and "had a blast" - in their own words.

What a treat to have a great time while accumulating much needed funds, almost $3000, to donate to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  When we work as a team, we'll beat this diabetes opponent.

To donate to Crop Out Diabetes, or to learn more visit:

Thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter.  We appreciate it.  If at any time you have a question, comment, or have an idea that you think would be great for our newsletter send an email to marketing@craft-e-corner.com.  If we use your idea in a future newsletter you will receive a free gift.
Craft-e-Corner Team


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