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Why People Craft?
Reason #8
For each issue, we've offered one of the eight reasons that CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) gives for why people craft. They were:

1. Sense of Accomplishment
2. Relaxation
3. Memory Keeping
4. Health
5. Economy/Value
6. Recommended by Friends or Family
7. Enables Spending Time with Others
8. And the final one...Interaction with Children

Interacting with children is a beautiful reason to craft. Maybe the best! When we craft with children, they not only have fun while learning a skill, they see patience and stick-to-itiveness in action. It promotes creativity and problem solving, and leaves them with grand memories of an adult giving their time.  Interact with a child - teach them a craft.
Did you know
March is National Craft Month?

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Quote of the Day

"An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come."    
- Victor Hugo
  Some Great
Cricut Cartridges!
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How to Think Like a Cricut - A to Z Cricut DVD

We're offering something new at Craft-e-Corner that is a MUST foryour Cricut library. The A to Z Cricut DVD was created by Megan Gravener of Above Rubies Studio. This DVD takes the unknowns out of your Personal Baby Bug, Create or Expression machine - so you can get full use of it.

The title A to Z is fitting. Everything is covered from adhesives to the shadow feature in Zooballoo.  Seven cartridges were wisely chosen to illustrate the various creative features Cricut incorporates in its many cartridges. Blade insertion, modes, tools, inks, mat care, settings, firmware, Design Studio - all are described and visually presented in a way that addresses our hidden questions. You can tell the producer has lived it.

Megan's thorough instructions are uncomplicated, walking you through each exercise so you actually learn how to do it on your own.  She doesn't just talk at you!

Whether you are beginning to learn about your machine or tackling advanced applications, you'll find the topics separated for easy searching. And this three hour DVD has dozens of demonstrations and project ideas to reinforce your know-how.

Our international customers will be interested in knowing that the A to Z Cricut DVD is region free, formatted using the NTSC standard. Most recent DVD players use the NTSC format.

And listen to this extra!! For the first 500 to purchase A to Z Cricut, you'll also receive the Cricut Cutting Guide.  This booklet takes the mystery out of blade, speed, and pressure settings for hundreds of paper and vinyl choices - while offering helpful tips to get those perfect cuts without waste.  A real time and money saver!

If you own a Cricut, you owe it to yourself to have this comprehensive DVD. We guarantee you'll learn to think like a Cricut - and have fun doing it.

Purchase the A to Z Cricut DVD now!


  Our Price: $19.84

        Buy Now

ArchivaLife - the Perfect Story and Memory Keeper

It has been said by more than one writer,"...you owe it to family to record your life's history."  That's a powerful call to us, but where do we start? Not all of us are writers. And when there are many years to look back on, events get cloudy. It's too big to tackle. Or is it?

We discovered a striking book at the CHA convention that helps to organize your past. It's called ArchivaLife - Classic Edition. From your first look at ArchivaLife, you see the substantial book covers as a mark of quality. It's a place where pages will be kept safe for generations. Inside, fold out LifeLine sheets ask about important dates, offering prompts for you to expand on, creating your own personal biography.

What excited us about this book was the bonus it offers for crafters, making it different from other memory keepers. This 12 x 12 hardback is formatted with extra pages in a way that allows you to enhance your recollections with photos and crafted displays. The blend makes it a perfect venue for combining the beauty of scrapbooking with your life story. It becomes a treasure of your past through words, pictures, color and design... a treasure worth handing down.

Purchase the ArchivaLife Memory Keeper Today!

Price: $104.84

Buy Now

Cricut Experience:

Grandma Interacting with Grandchildren

We get questions from potential cutting machine users, wondering if the machine is a workable activity for children to share. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to check it out - first hand. Two of my granddaughters, aged 6 and 8, stayed with us while their parents "anniversaried" out of town.  Josie got the idea to make a card and we took it a step further. We made a scrapbook page...with shopping for a scrapbook to follow.

The girls picked out papers that caught their fancy, and then just let their creative juices flow. We took the heart shapes from Schoolbook Plantin - using the shadow feature. And we got a chance to try out the hot pink Post-It adhesive backed paper. (We all loved it. EASY!!!)

The lettering came from Plantin and Opposites Attract. They liked the cursive effect, and some word selections were simple extras, picking Joy and Love with one key stroke. I'm adding a picture of their project, but the point I want to make...they did most of it themselves. I was merely a consultant. And we had a couple hours of memory making fun.

Helpful Crafting Tip:
Using Self Adhesive Paper

Adhesives! We can't live without them, but sometimes they're hard to live with.  They behave in ways that are tricky to apply, too wet, slippery, sticky, or leave a residue. Well we've got the answer for some of your adhesive woes.

Craft-e-corner will be offering packs of Post-It full adhesive Craft Paper that cuts beautifully and releases the backing easily. It's medium weight - lignin and acid free - with six sheets of six different colors per pack. Choose from bright, jewel, earth tone, and pastel collections. Post-It has even labeled each 12 x 8 ½ inch package with suggestions for blade depth, pressure and speed to get ideal cuts.

Give yourself a treat. Design with adhesive backed paper. You'll have a hard time going back to glue.

Thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter.  We appreciate it.  If at any time you have a question, comment, or have an idea that you think would be great for our newsletter send an email to marketing@craft-e-corner.com.  If we use your idea in a future newsletter you will receive a free gift.
Craft-e-Corner Team


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