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Why People Craft?
Reason #6 : Recommended by Friends or Family

The sixth reason why people craft is because Friends and Family recommend them to try a certain craft.  You try the new craft and realize you really enjoy it. 

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"Life is just a scrapbook waiting for us to put it on acid free paper."
- Unknown
Hide and Seek No Longer:
Potpourri Basket Cartridge in Stock

As many of you know, Provo Craft has introduced the Potpourri Basket Cartridge in their infomercial. Unfortunately for you and other customers, it was only available in a special promotion exclusively available with the Cricut Expression. So how do we get this rare and difficult to find cartridge if we already own the Cricut Expression? Until now, we could only find them on websites such as Ebay and Craigslist. BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!

Craft-e-Corner is now the proud carrier of the Potpourri Basket Cartridge and we are offering it on our website:  This cartridge does not have the plastic packaging as it was removed from the Expression Bundle, however it is brand new, never been used. Along with the Potpourri Basket Cartridge, you will also receive the potpourri DVD filled with project ideas using the the cartridge. We bring you products you want at prices you can afford. Look to Craft-e-Corner for all your scrapbooking and crafting needs.

The Potpourri Basket Cartridge is a compilation of select shape graphics from many popular cartridges. These include Fabulous Finds, New Arrival, Celebrations,  Joys of the Season, Stretch your Imagination,  Doodlecharms,  Walk in My Garden, Going Place,  My Community, Beyond Birthdays, Indie Art, Home Accents, Campout, Baseball, Street Signs, Soccer, and Wedding.

Vinyl Up Your Life

How to uses vinyl with your Cricut.  You can use vinyl to decorate your surroundings.  Put a saying on the wall, have words on the outside door greeting guest, whatever it is, celebrate your creativity.   


  1. Practice cutting out your shape or words with your Cricut on scrap paper before using the self-adhesive vinyl. This will cut down on the amount of vinyl that is wasted cutting on vinyl pieces that are the incorrect size.
  2. Use scissors to cut the self-adhesive vinyl to fit onto your Cricut cutting mat. Depending on your Cricut machine, this will either be 6 by 12 inches or 12 by 12 inches. In order to skip this step, you can purchase precut vinyl sheets that are the exact size of your Cricut mat.
  3. Select the size of your image with your size dial on the Cricut. The practicing you have done previously will help you to decide the best size for your image.
  4. Set both the speed dial and the pressure dial on your Cricut both to 3. This will help to avoid tearing of the vinyl and will only cut through the vinyl, leaving the adhesive backing on your design once it is cut.
  5. Enter the image you have selected to cut out on your Cricut and press the "cut" button.
  6. Peel away the excess vinyl from around your image. Gently rock the the excess vinyl back and forth to slowly pull away the unneeded material.
  7. Peel away the image and stick on walls, furniture, picture frames, or even cars.

Upcoming Charity Events
Crop Out Diabetes in Little Chute, Wisconsin on February 6, 2010

Crop out Diabetes is an all-day scrapbooking event. All proceeds will be donated to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). There will be goodie bags, games, silent auctions, raffle items, lunch, and tons of fun! Together we can make a difference....together we can find a cure!

For more information visit:

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