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Why People Craft?
Reason #5 : Economy/Value

The fifth reason why people craft is because it is an affordable way to spend your time.  The price you pay to make your friends and family gifts is lower than you would spend at a store.  The value of the gift is always worth more than something from a store.  You put your time, energy and most important of all your heart into a handmade gift.  The value of the gifts you make are irreplaceable.

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Scrapbooking Party Theme Ideas

- Wedding
- Birthday
- Baby
- Christmas
- Vacation
- Road Trip
- Friends
- MacGyver: Only allow guests to
use a set amount of supplies and see
what they create. 
(I've always wanted to do this) 

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earlyscrapbook History of Scrapbooking Facts

- Earliest known reference of scrapbooking was the time of Aristotle and Circeo.  They used it for philosophical and religious ideas.

- 15th Century: Commonplace book
Renewal of Greek and Roman philosophies to be placed in books.  People would right down their favorite quotes, passages, articles, and illustrations.

- During the Victorian Era women made friendship albums.  These were albums to share with each other that featured: poetry, illustrations, poems, handwriting and photographs.  A great way to preserve memories. 

Did you know these people were scrapbookers?
- Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States, kept a journal of news clipping, dried leaves and other memorabilia.

- Mark Twain was a lifelong scrapbooker.  He would dedicated most of his Sunday to the craft of scrapbooking.  1872 he patented the self pasting scrapbook because of the frustration of gluing and using products in the  1800's. 

1980's The Revival of Scrapbooking
Marielien Chrisitiansen is often accredited for reviving scrapbooking during the 1980's in the United States.  She put all her family members in 3-ring binders with page protectors.  She completed over 50 volumes that later would be displayed at the World Conference of Records in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Her and her husband, AJ, opened the very first scrapbooking store in 1981 that is still open to this day. 

When you are scrapbooking and are feeling down and uninspired just remember who came before you and just how far scrapbooking has come. 

(Picture: Early 20th Century scrapbook)

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Scrapbooking Career
Doing What You Love

Wouldn't it be awesome to make a career out of scrapbooking.  Yes, it would.  Here are a few tips from eHow on how to make scrapbooking a career for you.  Many people are doing it.  Look at Donna Downey, Ali Edwards, and Elsie Flannigan, just to name a few.  Not saying that if you follow these steps you will become the next hot scrapbooking rockstar but if you work hard and keep working at your craft you could make your dreams come true. 

1.) Scrapook for every person you know: friends, family, co-workers, random people, anyone who you can show your scrapbooking skills to.  Many of you I'm sure have already done this. Family members probably have so many scrapbooks from you they probably don't know what to do with them all.

2.) Host a scrapbooking party.  It doesn't have to be formal party.  Just gather a couple of friends and family members who like to craft or scrapbook.  Either have them bring their own supplies or charge them a small fee to use yours.  Show them how to do different techniques.

3.) Start holding your scrapbooking parties on a regular basis.  Have cool  and different themes. (Look to left for ideas)  Make sure you have an example to show them so that you can guide them to creating the page they want.

4.) Now you can start making flyers to put up around the neighborhood and local area.  Have people you don't know come and do a theme party.  Have these parties on your day off or when someone can watch the kids.  

5.) Some people don't have time to sit down and scrapbook or find no joy in scrapbooking.  Start charging a fee for making them for people to give as gifts.  They will give you all the photos and other mementos.  Now your love for the scrapbooking craft has become a small job where you can pick your own hours.

- You might not become the next scrapbooking rockstar but the important part is finding joy in doing something, you might as well keep doing it. 

(Picture: Scrapbook page by Cheryl Ametewee) Find more of her work at:

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun."
- Mary Lou Cook

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