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Why You Craft?
Reason #4 : Health

Crafting can improve your health because it reduces stress and helps you relax.  It gives you self esteem by finishing a project that is beautiful and you can show it off.  Scrapbooking can also help Alzheimer's patients.  It can bring back old memories and it is a activity for togetherness. 
Scrap for Alexis

Craft-e-Corner donated a Cricut Create to go for auction to help raise money for a kidney for Alexis Arndt .  The donation helped raise over $5,000 for the November 14th event. 

Alexis was born with renal hypoplasia which means her kidney's are the size of a 6-month-old baby and will not grow. It is estimated that a kidney transplant can cost over $500,000. 

(Right: Photo of the Scrap for Alexis in process)
Visit http://www.cotaforalexisdaniellea.com/

Sam Teschke Cancer Benefit

On November 28th in New London, WI there was a cancer benefit for Sam Teschke.  Sam Teschke is a 5-year-old boy who was diagnosed with embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma.  Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma is a rare kind of cancer that only 358 people are diagnosed each year in the United States.

The event was in New London, WI at the Crystal Falls Banquet.  There was a silent auction where Craft-e-Corner donated a Cricut Create to raise money to help pay for medical and living expense's for the Teschke family.

Read his story here: Sam's Story
Visit his CaringBridge Page

Next Charity Event:  February 6, 2010 - Crop Out Diabetes at Little Chute, WI Civic Center, along with a week long on-line crop event.
Christmas Cricut Project

I found this really great idea on a website that I thought I would share with everyone.  The project is taking a cookie sheet and making it into an advent calendar.  It doesn't relate to the Cricut exactly but you can always add your own Cricut items. 

Teresa's Advent Calendar

Supplies to Gather:
1 cookie sheet not Teflon coated. (The Dollar Store is a great place to find one)
Acrylic Paint and brush
A couple coordinating patterned papers
At least 25 magnets
Lots of numbers...such as rub ons or stickers
Trinkets o plenty: buttons, stars, mini cookie cutters, metal shapes, mini watch tin holders, ribbon, etc.
Glue stick
Sharpie marker
Glitter (but of course)
Clear sealer (such as Krylon)
Ribbon or chain for hanging

1.  Drill 2 holes in top left and right of cookie sheet. You can try this yourself or have your husband do this. Holes need to be large enough to string ribbon through.
2.  Tear or cut papers and arrange as desired to cover back side of cookie sheet.  My calendar shows paper and top and bottom. Glue stick back of paper-cover completely) and adhere to sheet.
3.  Paint sides and rim of cookie sheet and parts of the paper. Sample shows 3 colors of paint: creme, aqua and olive green.
4.  When paint dry, use a Sharpie marker to create a grid with 7 slots across and 4 rows. Measure the width of your calendar and divide that # by 7 to know how wide each rectangle will need to be. Do the same for the length of the grid. Note that the grid does not completely cover the sheet, the tops and bottoms are left blank for embellishing.
5. Use rub ons and add title: DECEMBER to top of grid. Another option is to cut a swag banner shape, paint it and add December rub ons to the banner when paint is dry. Glitter was added to the edges. If you add magnets to this banner, you can remove it and add other months later if you like! A monthly calendar, a birthday countdown, vacation countdown, or other holidays would be fun!
6.  Add a smallish embellishment to lower right hand corner of calendar. Sample shows a vintage Santa gift card. If you give this piece a magnetic backing, you can change these out like the month banner to keep the cookie sheet reusable.
7.  Add any other words to accent the calendar. Sample shows BE MERRY (rub ons). Keep in mind that for the beginning of the countdown, the calendar will be less full of numbers, and so adding a word here and there will help fill in the grid until more numbers are added to it when the month progresses.
8.  Seal the entire cookie sheet with a Krylon Spray Clear Sealer or something similar.
9.  Now the fun and detail begins! Create those numbers. Use all the same numbers, or go a step beyond for more fun...and make them different and unique as shown above. Be sure the numbers you add aren't too heavy and that there is room to add magnets to the back. I found magnets in different strengths at the local craft store. Magnets with an adhesive backing work great and are easy to cut.
10.  String ribbon through those top holes to hang.
11.  Store the numbers behind the cookie sheet and bring out a new one each day.

Cricut It
- Instead of using trinkets found around the house to put as the numbers use your Cricut to cut out shapes.
Use the Christmas Cheer Cricut Cartridge and use the reindeer, trees, stockings. 

I did not come up with this idea it was done by Teresa McFayden.  Go to her site here: http://www.teresamcfayden.typepad.com/minutia/2007/11/my-advent-of-ad.html

Craft and Hobby Association Winter Convention

The Craft and Hobby Association is having their annual Winter Convention & Trade Show January 24th-27th in Anaheim, California.  This convention and trade show is a time when the craft community of retailers comes together to showcase their items.  Learn about new items and what is the up and coming trend. 

Fun Facts:
  • The CHA Winter Convention & Trade Show is the world's largest professional craft and hobby show.
  • Over 628 U.S. & International exhibitors representing over 60 countries
  • Over 228,056 net sq. ft. of exhibit space
  • Over 11,937 attendees and more than 5,200 buyers anticipated
  • Hundreds of products launched

CHA      CHA2

  "Creativity is contagious. Pass it on."
- Albert Einstein
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