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Volume 1, Issue 3

Hello Crafters,

Thank you for subscribing to our Ideas and Deals Craft club.  We hope you enjoy the newsletter and find the articles informative and inspirational. Some of the images are clickable to find out more.

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Travel with a Gypsy: Now in Stock

We’re getting a lot of questions about the Gypsy. So, let’s start out with a definition. 

Gypsy:    a. A wanderer     b. A traveler

c. A Cricut portable handheld device that allows you to be creative while on the go. 

Brilliant ideas don’t just come to you in your crafting room; they burst into your mind while you wait in the school parking lot for basketball to let out or during your work lunch break. Provo Craft’s Gypsy is the answer to holding those ideas until you’re free to actually cut the design. 

The Gypsy is small – 8” by 3” and weighs less than a pound. It comes with two of its own cartridges installed, and allows you to store the contents of thousands of your own cartridges, along with the overlays and instructions. That’s a lot to work with! 

Just turn it on and view an electronic version of a cutting mat. Push button ease lets you bring up images to flip, stretch, weld or slant. All the design functions you’re used to are right there, and a stylus is included for touch screen changes. You can combine shapes from several cartridges or zoom in to check detail. Then save your work just like a computer without the bulk. 

And this is all happening in the school parking lot? It sure is. 

When you have time, plug the Gypsy into your Cricut machine with the USB cable provided and start cutting as usual. No cartridge to insert – it’s all in the Gypsy’s memory. Need to run out again? No worries the Gypsy will remember just where you left off and begin cutting later. 

But what if you want to use your cartridge separately? Go ahead. It still works on any of your Cricut machines. The only effect on your cartridge is that – by loading it into your Gypsy, you enter into a license agreement linking your cartridge with your personal Gypsy. No other Gypsy downloads with that cartridge will be possible. 

Leave it to Provo Craft to come up with a fresh idea for our busy lives. You’re going to love your Gypsy. 

Take a look at the gyspy on our site:

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Craft-e-Corner Community Charities

Main Content Inline SmallCraft-e-corner is looking forward to our next opportunity to participate in a local charity. On November 14th, scrappers and vendors will come together at the Wave on Casaloma in Appleton, Wisconsin - from 8 am to 10 pm. They all have the same idea, to help raise money for a kidney transplant performed on Alexis Arndt. At the tender age of 4, Alexis has already experienced a lifetime of miracles, but she still needs more. Check out the website, Then come out and do a little scrapping or bid on our Cricut Create machine, just one of the donated auction items available to help raise needed funds.  

Coming up: February 6, 2010 – Crop Out Diabetes at Little Chute, WI Civic Center, along with a week long on-line crop event.

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Stand & Salute

Main Content Inline SmallWith Veterans day on November 11th here is a cartridge for you to celebrate this holiday. Celebrate the armed forces with this patriotic cartridge! You’ll love the wide variety of images on this cartridge, ranging from vehicles to flags to fireworks to phrases and much more. With creative features such as Dog Tag, Note Card, and Frame, you can take your creativity to new heights!

Use Coupon Code: STANDSALUTE for up to 60% off the regular retail price.

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Machine Madness

Main Content Inline SmallBlack Friday’s holiday kickoff is coming on November 27th.  But you won’t have to rush with Thanksgiving clean up to get a spot in the midnight line. Our door-buster, or should we say web-buster, promotions are meant to make Christmas affordable in every home. 

You’ll save up to 65% off retail on new Cricut, Slice, and Silhouette machines. That’s value for a gift you can use all year to preserve memories or unleash your artistic side. We’re especially excited about our Cricut Expression offerings. You will be too! 

And don’t miss a chance to have the portable creativity of a Gypsy under the tree. What about expanding that Slice design card or Cricut cartridge library? New cutting mats, tool kits, inks or cartridges make great stocking stuffers.  

Watch for upcoming details on Craft-e-corner’s Machine Madness. We ship all over the world, but shop early. Green Monday looms on December 14th - the online shoppers’ last chance to Christmas order without paying for expedited shipping. 

Craft-e-corner will help you make this a Merry Christmas and a Scrapping New Year. 


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Stand & Salute Project

sscontestTo help celebrate Veterans day I wanted to show everyone what you can do with the Stand & Salute Cricut Cartridge. It has a whole bunch of great shapes. There are patriotic sayings like: Let Freedom Ring. My favorite is the ribbon which you can use to support the troops or you can change the color for whatever else you want to support. You can also make frames for pictures too. Like a My Hero frame or whatever shape you want or saying to use as a frame. This would be great for any military or patriotic theme you want to do. It is easy to do and just requires a Cricut machine, Stand & Salute cartridge, pretty patriotic paper, and for the star I used embroidery floss. Come up with your own design and enjoy.

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